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Q. I would really like to purchase a blazer for fall. My plan is to wear it with jeans and some sort of shirt when the occasion calls for something less casual. I’m a stay-at-home mom so I don’t really need something for work right now. I have found a few possibilities but, they are all wool or a wool blend. I live in Texas. There really aren’t more than a few days a year when that much warmth is needed. Suggestions?

A. We love the versatility of a lightweight blazer - wear it when it’s warm with just a tee or a tank or layer it up when it’s cool with a sweater, scarf or turtleneck. We found a bunch of non-wool options for you below - and none of them cost more than $125.

Q. I’m a college student already on the lookout for raincoats, since fall and rain will be here before I know it (and I need to make up for my future procrastination with some planning ahead). I want to get a more mature-looking trench coat style (I’m done with North Face rain jackets) but I can’t decide between brown or black. I am loving this brown Michael Kors Reversible Leopard Coat but am torn between this Anne Klein Bonded Polyester All-Weather Coat in black. Which would be a more versatile option?

A. I’m glad you’re ready to give up your North Face in exchange for something more sophisticated and stylish - and you can’t go wrong with a classic trench. Both of your choices are chic, flattering and timeless, it’s just a matter of whether you wear more brown or black. If either color works in your wardrobe, then the Kors coat gets extra style points for reversing to a leopard print for when you want to make a statement. We found a few more choices in the price range that you may like:

Q. This question goes against every fashion column I have ever read, but I have to ask it. Why does everyone suggest that curvy women wear boot cut jeans? I have a large chest, small waist and large hips and cannot for the life of me find jeans that look good and don’t have a huge gap in the back and/or expose things that I don’t want exposed whenever I sit down. There has been a recent trend towards “curvy” jeans which fit me slightly better than most, but the problem is that they are almost always boot cut or flair. Every column I read says that curvy women should wear boot cut jeans to even out the curves, but I find that I look like a Coke bottle in this style. In fact, I don’t think that it is particularly flattering on anyone. How out of touch with reality am I?

A. Finding a flattering pair of jeans is a constant challenge for many women, especially those with curves. As a general rule, boot cut jeans are the most universally flattering for women with your figure. However, it’s important that you look for jeans with a slight boot cut, not a wide flair - this can make all the difference and help to avoid the Coke bottle silhouette you fear. Also, experiment with straight cut styles, and even skinny jeans worn with knee high boots. Tapered jeans in general are a big no-no for women with hips and thighs.

Compare the styles below: on the left is a flaired jean (not so flattering), in the center is a slight boot cut (flattering) and on the right is a straight leg style (also flattering). All jeans are from

1767094.jpg 1788116.jpg 1837962_B.jpg
As for finding jeans that fit your smaller waist, this may prove to be even more of a challenge. If the curvy cut jeans that are available aren’t fitting well, then your best bet is to take the jeans to a tailor and have the waist made smaller. A small price to pay for a great fitting jean!
Q. I saw a great brown motorcycle jacket by Dear by Amanda Bynes which I love, but there are no Steve and Barrys near me, and I can’t find any of the jackets online. Where can I find a similar brown vintage-looking motorcycle jacket to this one that is very affordable?

A. Found! Here are some super affordable brown moto jackets:

39822345273_lg.jpgautumncargo.png 137167400.jpg14989008_20_b.jpg 
1. Epaulette Detail Jacket, $36.50 at
2. Autumn Cargo Jacket, $29.80 at
3. FULL TILT Womens Venus Moto Jacket, $39.99 at
4. Silence & Noise Wyatt Moto Jacket, $128 at

39997463916_lg.jpgQ. I just bought these cute High Waist Sailor Trousers from Arden B. and am wondering what to wear with them. I know that I could pair them with a black or white tank top, but I’d love your ideas on something more fun and flirty! Thank you for your help!

A. Cute jeans! To show off the sailor-inspired details, your best bet is a tucked in shirt. Given the volume of the jeans, your tucked in shirt should be slim fitting. A tank or a tee is a good option, and so is a fitted button down. Or, take a page from Katie Holmes’ style book (below) and wear a tee and a relaxed cardigan. If you’re willing to cover up the details at the waist, a slim belted top is a chic option.

49965838-04.jpg 719742_fpx.jpg39996749396_lg.jpg katie-holmes-b_3.jpg
1. Nautical Stripe Tee , $13.80 at
2. Alice + Olivia Rosette Puff Sleeve Button Down Shirt, $242 at
3. Shadow Stripe Tunic, $88 at
4. Katie Holmes wearing high waisted jeans, a tucked in tee and a boyfriend cardigan

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