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Q. I have a wool and polyester pair of solid color medium grey pants from Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten clothing line and I wanted to know if I can wear a khaki blazer with the pants. The blazer is fitted and it’s short but not short like a bolero jacket and the material is cotton twill. And what other colors and materials can I wear with these grey pants? I have a pair of black pants and seem to have no trouble matching those with colors! I also should say that I will be wearing the pants while working in an office whose dress code is business casual.
- Grey Color Blind

A. Think of grey as a neutral that can be paired with almost any color. As long as the blazer is thicker cotton twill you should be fine wearing it with your grey pants to the office. Going forward pair your grey pants with lavender, purple, greens, a variety of blues from teal to turquoise, even red and pastels as well as hot pinks will work. It’s just a matter of deciding which of those colors look most flattering with your skin tone.

Q. I am 46 years old. Can I wear a long sleeve black blouse made of rayon/spandex to a birthday party when the weather turns warm? What would be a good color for pants and shoes?
- Black in Spring

A. Black is never out of fashion or stuck in one season, however many of us just excited to embrace color once the weather gets warmer. So if it is a tres chic top then wear it to the party. And pair it with a black pants and a colorful beaded necklace, or a white and black print skirt for a bold expression. Add metallic heels to complete the party look.

Q. I recently bought some black high-waist (skinny) pants that I really love, but every time I think about wearing them I change my mind because I can’t find the right top. I want to tuck the shirt in to accentuate the high waist (naval level). I like the way the proportions look when I wear them with my J.Crew v-neck t-shirts, but it’s just too boring to wear a solid color on top and on bottom! Can you recommend some short-sleeve shirts that will liven up the look?
- Liven my Look

A. While it’s simple to tuck in a t-shirt or slim fitting tank, here are a few other options that will tuck into or still show off the high rise of your skinny pants. Don’t hesitate to wear a top that skims over your hips and add a wide or skinny belt at your waist, or tuck in a top and wear a belt over the waistband of the pants.


Q. Do stylish and comfy go together when describing a pair of shoes? I hope so! Going to New Orleans means a lot of walking and standing in the heat. Do you have suggestions for stylish and comfy shoes/sandals that would go well with casual dresses and skirts?
- Good Look Foot

A. You can stand, dance and explore New Orleans from the Garden District to the French Market to Bourbon Street in these sandals whether you wear a dress, skirt or shorts.


1. Onex Icon, $79 at
2. Taryn by Taryn Rose Extol, $195 at
3. Aquatalia by Marvin K. Twist, $181.90 (sale) at
4. Soul Mate, $49.99 (sale) at
5. Picnic, $49.99 (sale) at

Q. I love your site and have been checking out your great advice for a while now. I have a dilemma: I am going to several weddings this summer and purchased a lovely black cocktail dress from Banana Republic (very Audrey). However, I tend to be cold and it is a bit on the skimpy side. I have been trying to find a jacket or sweater to wear over it that won’t dress it down too much, and I am having very little luck. Do you have any advice?
- Chic Coverage

A. When looking for a little coverage, a Pashmina wrap is not always the best answer. To complete your Audrey Hepburn look add a jacket or cardigan, but rather than keeping it black as well, choose a color or shine to stand out and embrace Spring.


1. Solid cashmere rosette cardigan, $188 at
2. Cotton-cashmere primrose cardigan, $98 at
3. Stardust sequin cardigan, $450 at
4. Metallic mosaic jacket, $300 at

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