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Q. Looking for a red and white fairly wide stripe top…who has such a thing?
-Striped Searcher

A. Easy Peasy-there are plenty of places and options for red and white striped tops. Some suggestions:


Lux Striped V Neck Tunic
$58 at


Lux Sheer Stripe Henley
$24 at


Free People Rugby Stripe Hoody
$78 at

Q. Jeans, I love them, but I cannot find any that fit! I have large thighs and a small waist. It seems they all have narrow thigh space for a size 10. What brand will work for me?

Gp372068-00P01V01-1Believe it or not, we have found the Gap Boot cut curvy to be quite flattering. They sit just below the waist and are slightly relaxed through the hip and thigh. A bit of stretch helps get a great fit while the boot cut helps balance out a pear shape.

Joe’s Honey jeans are cut with a fitted waist and a contoured shape which is sexy, curvy and voluptous. With a 7 1/2“ rise, they sit a bit lower on the waist than the Gap jeans.

And finally, Notify offers sculpt sizing on its Ornatus style. In addition to the usual waist sizing, they also offer A, B and C sizes built specifically for your level of curve (A is for a slight curve and C is for a full curve). So a curvy girl with a small waist can opt for a 28C for example. They’re hard to find online and are a bit pricey ($260), but a great fitting pair of jeans is worth it, no?

And if all else fails, we suggest buying a pair that fits well in the hips and thighs and wearing a belt that fits flush against the body without adding bulk to prevent any gaps in the waist.

Q. Love the site and the emails!  I am attending an evening wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico this Labor Day weekend.  Can you suggest some stylish options for the ceremony?  It will be a formal ceremony, but on the beach…don’t want to be overdressed, but appropriate for the occasion! Thanks so much…you ROCK!
-Formal and Beachy 

A. Mariachi music!  Yeah!  Get ready to dance, dance, dance. You need a dress that is festive, colorful, and easy breezy.  Avoid black.  Go for color and even better, choose a patterned dress - it will express more personality.   It’s going to be hot, hot, hot, so choose a dress that moves easily and be prepared to go barefoot on the beach and carry your sandals.  Kick up some sand and be sure to dip your toes in the clear blue water.

Edressme 1906 5304986

Nicole Miller
Tiki Print Resort Dress
$300 at


Nicole Miller Border Print Tie Front Gown
$355 at


Charmeuse Smocked Scarf Print Dress
$56.10 at

Q. I have a question and I am keeping my fingers crossed that you can enlighten me.  I am a recent graduate with a degree in fashion design.   I have bought all of the resume books and cover letter books but still can’t find anything with enough flair for the fashion industry.
I have the resume part down, but how does one ask for an internship in the fashion magazine industry? What should I say in my cover letter, and further still, what should I not say? I hope you can help. Any advice would be appreciated.
-Fashion Hopeful

A. I would hope you wouldn’t find a copy of “you” in a book.  Instead of copying a letter already written, pull bits that help illustrate your excitement and creativity. More importantly, define for yourself exactly what kind of job you’d like to aspire to.  Do you want to be a fashion editor, a stylist, market editor? 

Since you’re willing to ask for an internship, you probably already know that your first job will most likely be the grunt work - errands, ironing, packing, steaming, making appointments for your bosses, etc.  Before you ask for an internship (which is usually non-paying), ask for an assistant position with a low paying wage, but a start up the magazine ladder. Honesty, enthusiasm, and offering to work hard (example-you’re active so lugging trunks for shoots will be a breeze, you’re organized so clothes and accessories will always be accounted for, lists will be catalogued, etc.). Briefly explain your love of fashion and why you’ve chosen to pursue it in the magazine industry. Leave any negativity out of the letter and be ready to follow up with a phone call since magazines get inundated with young graduates wanting to work for fashion magazines. 

Send your package to not only the editors of the magazines, but also to the human resources departments for each publishing house.  Call the publishing houses and find out the appropriate people in HR to send your materials to so as not to just write “attention: human resources”. And be ready at the interview to talk about the magazine you are applying for a position with in regards to the editors (know their names), designers they have recently featured, the fashion spreads, etc.  Assert your willingness to work hard, learn fro your superiors and contribute to the magazine.  Good Luck!

Q. My mother is searching for a dress to wear to my brother’s August 5 outdoor wedding, taking place at 4 PM, at a B&B-type locale outside of Boston.  As I can’t shop with her, I was hoping for some style suggestions that I could share with her.  I’m assuming that it will be hot, but she told me that she does not like sleeveless dresses – I believe she is a little self-conscious, being a size 14-16, so am hoping to find something elegant yet flattering for this special occasion. (Also, she probably will not want to spend over $200, knowing her!). It’s a tall order, but I would appreciate any help you could provide!
-Dress Frustration

A. It’s her son’s wedding and surely your mom is fretting over what to wear that fits her body and looks great since plenty of attention will be given to her.  I’ve found options that all give arm coverage, range from long to knee length and formal to semi-formal with a few color choices as well. They range in price from around $150 to $300.  It’s an important day, so find the dress that looks and fits best, a few extra bucks will be worth it when you see the photos.


Sean Collection Beaded Dress with Jacket
$278 at




Sean Collection Three Piece Ensemble
$318 at



Edressme 1905 5279716-1



Plus Size Gold Lace Cocktail Dress
from Kiyonna
$178 at




JS Boutique Beaded Mesh Dress
$158 at

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