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Q. I’m absolutely in love with the new skinny legged jeans and pants that have popped up all over the runways for Spring. I’m petite and curvy though, and am worried about how this look might translate on me. Is there any way to pull these off and not look fat, or am I doomed to admire skinny trousers with kimono tops from afar. Thanks for the help!
- Want Skinny, Not Stumpy

A. Truth is, not every trend is for every person. Ideally, the skinny legged jeans are meant for skinny girls with barely there hips and no thighs to speak of.  That’s why we see them photographed on models. Curves become exaggerated when a skinny leg or tapered leg pant looks good below the knee, but shortens and balloons the upper half of the body.  But you may be seeing yourself as curvier than you actually are, so as I tell everyone, don’t assume anything about clothes until you try them on for fit since every body is different.  If you feel good and confident in a pair, then buy them and strut about. And if you can’t find the right pair, then look for straight leg jeans or pants for a slimmer look.

Q. I have a friend in Florida with a pressing style question.  She is 60ish, but wants to do what is currently in style.  She has a pair of slingbacks with a closed toe.  She is wondering whether to go without hose or wear nude or black hose (which would match her outfit).  She will wear them with longish skirts.
-Hosiery know how 

A. Your stylish older gal pal can work her longish skirts two ways.  While it still gets a bit chilly at night in Florida, she can stay comfortable in black sheer hose and once the temps start heating up, then she can bare an ankle without the hose. And my 60-something mom agrees.

Q.  I’m graduating High School this year and I’ve been searching for a dress, but I don’t want the usual prom dress, I want an Oscars couture-looking gown, but I it has to be around $350-375. I LOVE sequins and I’ve looked on the websites for Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and A.B.S., but I have found few dresses with sparkle! Do you have any suggestions?
-Sassy Sparkle   

A. For sparkle and shine, your dress shopping destination should be  They have many Hollywood and celebrity recreations that hit within your budget and have plenty of sparkle without overdoing it. And while you may be hesitant to shop among prom , you can find plenty of sequins and choices at And don’t forget to check out other sites like like I did:

Edressme 1884 10807622
Niteline Sequin Embellished Gown
$338 at

Edressme 1886 398595
Faviana Beaded Evening Gown
$218 at




Carmen Electra-inspired
$199 at

V0474137086167 V1 M56577569831201955

Sue Wong
Beaded Silk Slip Dress
$385 at

Q. I want to break into fashion, but I haven’t graduated school yet, and I’m married.  But for the past few years I’ve been wanting to design clothing and have others wear them.  Now that’s all I ever seem to talk about.  I get so upset because nobody will help me, and I feel that I’m so lost, it seems as though it’s completely taken over me.  Please help me on how I’m able to get my fashions out there.  Thanks.
-Fashion Break

A. First question: are you in school studying fashion design?  If not, why not if that’s your passion?  If you’ve just realized that designing is your dream and you’ve still got some courses left, meet with an adviser about taking some marketing, advertising or business courses that will help you develop a plan on how to reach customers or employers when you graduate.  Many colleges offer co-op opportunities that allow you to make money at a job and receive college credit as well.  Or how about an internship? Either way, next question: do you know how to sew, make a pattern, drape a muslin? This is where the co-op or internship fits in.  Work with a dressmaker, a tailor or seamstress in your city or town.  Buy some patterns and visit fabric shops and start making your own clothes and see if you get compliments on the fit, color choices and fabrics.  Take apart or reconstruct clothes you already own.  Pay attention to detail and check out what other designers are doing each season.

Also, realize that not every great designer creates their own collection; many work for other designers to learn the business and build a resume.  Many get those jobs with minuscule starting salaries.  And there are many people who hold regular jobs, but become custom clothiers (meaning they can create great skirts, tops, dresses, etc. each season in different fabrics or customers go to them with specific needs) on the side until they can financially sustain themselves.

It’s great to be hyped up and excited about taking on a new career or challenge and remember, it’s your dream so go after it, but don’t assume that other people are there to give you a helping hand.  Some people may be holding back on encouragement or giving support until they see you take steps towards actually realizing your goals. Do some research, good luck and stay jazzed about your dream.

Q. I’m going to a spring wedding, but I’m having a hard time finding dresses.  What are some good stores or sites that have dresses that are below $100?
-Dress for Less

A. I love, love, love any chance to wear a dress. It’s one of my favorite things, but they can end up costing a pretty penny.  I scoured several sites for dresses  that were within your budget and wedding appropriate. Also, do a little online budget shopping yourself at sites like,,,,, and the junior section of for inexpensive dresses.

1603_59592_dtsleeveless satin dress
$39.99 (sale) at

black double v
flair dress
$72 at

P201671bKimchi & Blue
Velvet Beaded Dress
$59.99 (sale) at

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