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Q. I just bought a pair of brown and off-white plaid capris and an off-white sweater to wear with them.  My dilemma is the shoes…what kind of shoes can I wear with them?  And do tights look ok with them?
-Putting My Best Foot Forward

A. I’m not a big fan of capris during the winter months unless they’re a true cropped pant or gaucho that you can wear with knee high boots, in which case you’ve got many choices. Unless they’re a short length, stick with flats, wedges and kitten heels - and preferably worn with bare legs.

Steve Madden Sybel
$63.95 at

165461Seychelles ´Habit Forming´ Pump
$74.95 at

Taryn Rose Bijou Flat
$380 at

72233_bk0001Q. I recently bought this black chiffon skirt with sequins from J.Crew.   I am planning on wearing it to a semi formal attire party where everyone will be wearing dresses.  Any suggestions of what to wear on top?  Keep in mind that I’m only a teenager and don’t have the bank account I would like to have. Thanks!
-Skirt SOS

A. We like coming to the rescue of stylish budget-minded girls like ourselves.  I went “window” shopping on several sites for you and found several party-worthy tops that would do your skirt justice and not make your bank account look suddenly bleak. I decided to stick with black tops to give the illusion of a dress since you believe many girls will be wearing dresses. And each top has something to be desired whether it be sparkle, shine or a great shape. Don’t forget a great pair of earrings to finish the look.

Yq3631_001deep v-neck tank
$49 at

Sparkle & Fade
Sequin Inset Cami
$19.99 at


Sparkle & Fade
Glitter Tank
$24 at

Q. I love wearing shrugs with camisoles, but I’m wondering if one can safely (and fashionably) wear a shrug over a white blouse?
-Shrugging My Shoulders

A. Do you think you need a license to wear a shrug safely? It won’t bite. You’ll only know if the shrug looks good if you try it on with the white blouse and YOU think it looks good.  My only advice is that the blouse should be fitted and not boxy, oversized or appear to add extra bulk to your figure when you wear the shrug.  There are also shortened cardigans and 3/4 length sleeve cardigans that can look good with a button down shirt and still give you a shot of color and another layer with your outfit during the cooler months.

Q. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wearing gauchos with sleek, fitted high heel knee high boots, but I wonder are there any other shoes I can pair them with? Specifically, can I wear them with heels, and if so, what stockings/tights should I wear, if any?
-Gaucho Giddy

P202766bA. Depending on the width of your gaucho legs, you can sometimes think of them like a skirt. You can wear pumps, peep toes, wedges and, depending on the fabric of your gauchos, even sandals, cute flats and espadrilles in the Spring and Summer.  It depends on the length of your guachos to know what looks best with them. Wear them and head to the shoe department of your favorite store and have some fun trying on a variety of looks.

Since it’s still cold out there, wearing gauchos with tights can extend the season and the amount of times you get to wear them.  Skip stockings and go for textured tights or opaque tights with winter wedges, patterned pumps and maybe even a peep toe (with a tiny opening) style.

lux plaid sailor gaucho (above), $39.99 (sale) at

AsosQ. I live in a cold climate that guarantees snow from October through April.  I need a good pair of boots (usually two) to get me through the winter season.  Usually I purchase flat black ankle boots and sexier high-heeled black knee high boots for skirts or my longer pants when I need some lift.  However, seeing the new fall boot styles (like in your fall shoe guide), I’m thinking of branching out.  Most of the fabulous fall knee high boots are so pretty, it seems a shame to cover them up with pants. How do I wear these lovely boots?  Is it acceptable to tuck my jeans in them to show them off? Or am I still supposed to wear them completely under the pant leg?  I’m especially interested in those cozy casual boots!
- Boot Camp

A. That’s what is so fun about boot-wearing this season, you can wear your boots both ways.  Pants tucked into your boots look hip and cool, while long pants worn over the boots so just the front of the boots show is sleek and chic.  Be sure to choose a skinnier-style pant when tucking in (no loose fit or flared styles). To keep pants inside your boots wear socks that are tall enough and thin enough to fold and tuck your pants or jeans into.  You can also find many textured and colorful socks to fold up over the top of your boots to add even more style.

shown right: Faux Fur Collar Stilleto Boots, $66.50 at

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