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Q. I am looking for some advice on what to pair with a fitted blue jean jacket. Is it ok to wear it with blue jeans? I remember hearing my sons joke about that combination as being the "Canadian tuxedo". Jacket time is here.  Can you help?
—Jeans with Jeans

V0473030378638_v1_m56577569831130802A. I’m used to seeing the jean jacket and jeans combination on true cowboys and cowgirls on trips out west to places like Wyoming and Montana. It’s a sexy rugged look that works for them. But if you’re not one of them, then I’d suggest finding a stylish alternative.  And nowadays just about anything works with a fitted jean jacket from corduroys to trendy gauchos and shortened pants to a-line skirts and western or bohemian style skirts.  Magazines have even shown jean jackets with ball gown skirts.  I have always loved the classic look of model Lauren Hutton who has always looked fantastic in khakis, a white button shirt and a well worn jean jacket. It’s just a matter of dressing head to toe and then pulling on your jacket to see if you feel comfortable. And sometimes it’s a matter of the color of the denim.

shown left: Elie Tahari Eugenia Denim Jacket paired with a full skirt and boots, from

Q. Your column is my favorite part of! I’m looking for some good-quality fitted tees with a modern cut: elbow-length sleeves and a boat or ballet neckline.  I’m having no luck with my search. Do you have suggestions?
—Tees Please I


Q. I have been looking for some longer length and not so tight T-shirts.  Most of the T-shirts I found in the stores are either too tight or too short.  I do have a little love handle (after having twins). I want to find some tees that are casual, hip but not skin tight and hopefully at a cheap price.
—Tees Please II

163581A. I put these questions together since t-shirts are no longer just t-shirts.  While they are classic staples to any wardrobe, they also need to work in our wardrobes by being stylish, fitting well and covering up our tummy’s while we wear low-rise jeans.  We did a segment about t-shirts on “The View” last month and realized after pulling in styles from so many designers that we could have filled a half hour of the show just talking about them, from fabric choices to fit to fashion.

Some of my favorites brands include Splendid, Vince, Three Dots, JCrew, Old Navy, the favorite tee from Gap, Adam + Eve, Lilla P, C & C California (the best for layering).  When I want to keep more money in my wallet than out, I always find great deals in the junior sections of department stores like BP at I adore the favorite tee at Gap, but am not as happy with their other styles and Old Navy has some great ones, particularly their cotton pique polos. 

But, just like other wardrobe items, it helps to try some on to get the right fit.  If you choose to go with classics like three packs of Hanes (the best bang for your buck), consider buying a smaller size to get a better fit.  For various shapes like boatneck and ballet neck lines as well as different sleeve lengths, I have several tees with a variety of neck lines from Club Monaco, great henleys from Three Dots and Splendid and 3/4 length waffle weave tees with from

We put together a list of some of our favorite Fall Tees for you.

Are nylons OUT?

2629Q. Hi Alison!  I say nylons are O U T “OUT”; my girlfriend disagrees.  My opinion is that nylons (nude, taupe, etc.) are a huge fashion faux pas, but sheer black are ok with a cocktail dress…but NEVER with sandals or an open toe.  What do you think?
-Are Nylons a No No

A. Although I personally am not a big fan of hosiery, it does help many women hide minor bulges and flaws.  I usually discourage younger women from wearing flesh-toned hosiery when they usually have great legs.  Go bare I say!  But if you do want to wear hosiery, then choose from all the creative styles that saturated the runways this season. Sheer black hose with a cocktail dress is the norm for many women.
Pm Joa-14037
When it gets cooler, there are tights, fishnets and patterns to choose from to wear with skirts, dresses and even as trousers.  And just a tip—many women in NYC, including fashion editors, wear tights or patterned hosiery with peep-toe shoes to add a pop of color and extend the length of time they can wear their fashionable shoes — just be sure there is no visible seam.

Above left: Jonathan Aston Double Diamond Tights, $13.99 at
Below right: Jonathan Aston 40 Denier Opaque Pantyhose, $12 at

Q. Can velvet be worn for a formal occasion now?


162924A. Other than those rich fitted velvet jackets one can start wearing in October when the temperatures begin to drop, I’m not a big proponent of velvet in October (though it is a HUGE trend this season). It truly depends on the outfit—a red, green or black velvet dress can be a big no-no for October since so many velvet dresses scream “HOLIDAY here I come.” But a cute cocktail dress (like the ABS by Allen Schwartz Chiffon & Velvet Dress shown left from or a dress in a contemporary cut or even a fantastic velvet suit in rich shades like eggplant and cappuccino can sneak by at a formal event this time of year and look great. Use temperature and location as your guide - if you live in Colorado where it’s already snowing then wear it, if you live in Florida where it’s still beach weather then skip it until November.

Q. I have just gotten a short haircut and am interested in sporting some chic hats.
-Preparing for a bad hair day

A. I adore that you are interested in wearing hats this Fall. So many women shy away from wearing hats thinking they can’t pull them off. It takes a confident attitude and it helps to have a stylish haircut. For Fall, look for toppers in tweed and corduroy and newsboy driving caps that won’t cover up a short haircut completely. Avoid those wide brim boho chic hats made famous again by Sienna Miler, they’re meant for girls with long hair.70072 Wc3427

David & Young tweed newsboy cap, left, $16 at; tweed topper, right, $68 at

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