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Q. I found a very simple cut rayon tank dress with a very small floral print at a thrift shop and it hits about mid-thigh. Can I wear this as a belted tunic over skinny jeans? What would be the most updated way to use this dress? Accessory ideas, shoes, etc. would also help.

Also, I have a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses from 1987. Would I look dated if I wore them? They are good quality sunglasses and they just sit there. It seems the big glasses are back in again, am I right?

I like to be Thrifty but stylish.

A. Sounds like your floral tank dress was a great find! A classic shape in a classic print that just also happens to be very in style this season. You can certainly belt the dress and wear it with skinny jeans, or of course wear it as a dress with flat summer sandals or feminine heels or wedges. We’ve shown some ideas below using two floral tank dresses that can be found on the racks now.

As for your original Ray-Bans - not only can you wear them now, but people are paying big bucks for vintage originals and the new “original” reissues.

Q. I bought this little dress for an upcoming wedding that I will attend. How do I pull the look together with accessories without going over the top and looking too trendy? I was hoping to wear a pair of nude or beige shoes. What about a necklace or bracelet? Can the style chefs help me whip up a winning (and timeless) combo?

A. Colorful, printed and asymmetrical - a trio of trends in one chic little dress! Let the dress be the star of your look and choose neutral accessories in colors like nude, bone and gold. Skip the necklace (too fussy with the asymmetrical neckline) and opt for dramatic drop earrings and a chic gold cuff instead. Gold or nude shoes and a neutral evening clutch complete the look.

Q. I work at a conservative law firm on the east coast and I’d like to know what a feminine (yet appropriate) way to wear a skinny belt is. Can I wear it around my waist? If so what kind of shirts can I wear it with?

A. Not only can you wear a belt around your waist to work, but it is a major fashion “do”! Wear your skinny belt over tailored jackets, button down shirts, feminine blouses, shift dresses and fitted sweaters. Of course, the belt also looks great with pencil skirts, full skirts and trousers. Below are a few ideas for you:

Q. I’m attending a Christmas party. I have a satin violet party dress with a cowl neck and is knee length. I’m 5’4”. What color and style shoe would you suggest?

Sounds pretty! Black and silver are your best shoe options for a purple party dress (so chic!).

Here are a few looks for you:

Chic Vegan Boots

Q. It’s getting colder, and I really want to purchase a pair of boots. However, as a vegan, it is hard to find a stylish pair of non-leather boots. Do you have any suggestions for a cute pair of vegan boots?

A. Nowadays, it’s easier than you might think to find vegan shoes and boots from mainstream designers, just look for labels that say 100% synthetic or man made materials. We can’t vouch for the environmentally-friendly nature of these mostly plastic products, but you can rest assured they don’t contain animal products. Just take that extra step, be a good consumer and check out the labels that list the materials.

Without knowing what style of boot you are looking for, we’ve found a good variety of casual, dressy, tall and short styles:

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