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Q. I have been looking for the perfect bag for quite a while. The problem is when I find one I like, it’s always very expensive. I would like to find a bag that I can use everyday: medium sized, slouchy, over the shoulder, and preferably brown. I would like to try to spend less than $200, if it’s possible. Any suggestions?

A. Thanks for the challenge, this one was fun! We found a slew of brown slouchy everyday bags for you, check them out below. By the way, you need not feel boxed in by brown - a dark red or even dark purple offers the same neutral versatility but with a bit more “pop”.

Q. I just returned from a wonderful (but all too brief) getaway to Montreal, and it seemed like every woman there was carrying a small, chic leather backpack instead of a purse or handbag. What a great alternative for a long day of travel or shopping! Most looked like they measured about 7.5” by 9.5” … and none of them would be mistaken for a kid’s or student’s backpack. Where can I find something similar?Is this trend just a Canadian thing, or can something similar be found in the States?

A. Backpacks may not exactly be a “trend” in the States right now, but that’s no reason for you not to wear one if it is convenient for you. A small chic leather backpack like the ones you saw in Canada is a far better choice than a bulky student’s backpack. We found a few cute options for you:

923207_fpx.jpgQ. I just got a short hair cut, (Mia Farrow short) and I love it-but I also like to wear hats in the winter, do you have any suggestions on styles of hats that would be flattering?

A. The trick to wearing a hat with a very short cut is to make sure some of your hair peeks out, whether it’s your bangs or the back of your hair, otherwise you risk looking bald. With a retro-inspired cut like a pixie, opt for a retro hat style like a beret, fedora or cloche. Here are some chic hats worn stylishly by short-haired women for inspiration:

vanessa8.jpgQ. I read your site everyday and I love it! I have a shopping question, I know if there is anyone who knows the answer it’s you, so… I absolutely love the hat Vanessa Minnillo is wearing here. It’s a knit fedora and I like because it’s a little different. I have been searching online and can’t seem to find it or anything like it anywhere. Do you know where I can find this knit fedora or any other cool hats or sites that sell hats that aren’t too expensive to wear casually like she is?

A. What a great look! We found a very similar knit fedora from as well as a few other options you might like:

image from
100087-stainedglass-chic.jpgQ. Do you have any ideas for a stylish way to wear an ID badge at work?

A. Check out, it’s full of fashionable ID necklaces, lanyards and more.

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