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Q. I am getting married in India and will be wearing a saree, which looks like this photo. I am trying to decide what kind of jewelry would look best with this. I have an antique necklace from Temple jewelry, which looks somewhat like the one below. It is a duller shade of pink and not as bright as this one. I think it will contrast well with the sari but no one agrees with me. What do you think?
- Dull or Bright


A. You’re wearing a brilliant, bright saree, so why not have a big statement necklace? Just don’t match earrings to the necklace. Go with gold, green or blue and keep the look fairly bold. Here are some suggestions of beautiful pieces to wear on your big day.

Citrine Briolette Drop NecklaceYazza's Faux Turquoise Gold NecklaceAyla's 60 in. Brushed Gold Plated Dangle Disc Layered Necklace
Triple Strand Swarovski Austrian Crystal NecklaceFlower Chain NecklaceWhite Pearl Cluster Half Moon Hoop Necklace

1. Citrine Briolette Drop Necklace, $128.80 at
2. Yazza’s Faux Turquoise Gold Necklace, $49 at
3. Ayla’s 60 in. Brushed Gold Plated Dangle Disc Layered Necklace, $149 at

4. Triple Strand Swarovski Austrian Crystal Necklace, $68 at
5. Flower Chain Necklace, $105 at
6. White Pearl Cluster Half Moon Hoop Necklace, $86.50 at

Q. I need your professional expertise on my dress ensemble for a friend’s upcoming 40th B-day celebration. I have attached a photo hoping it gives you a good idea. What I need is advice on shoes and accessories. The dress is a cream and gray pattern and it falls like silk.
-Friend Function

A. Try a grey patent leather sandal or peep toe heel or neutral beige, and don’t get stuck on matching the hue exactly. The heels can be a little lighter or darker. I would go with a simple thin necklace that has a charm or pendant on the end as long as it lays within the “V” of the dress or choose a longer necklace that hangs about two to three inches longer than the “V.” Alternatively, choose earrings that have some colored beads like blue, violet or pink and then add an enamel bracelet in a color or pattern. There are great enamel pieces available at and and I’m a big fan of the charm style necklaces on

Seychelles Big BucksNine West Revengez MAXSTUDIO 'Ferris' Sandal
 kate spade 'gwennie' pumpModa Spana Demirsvp Liz

1. Seychelles Big Bucks, $84 at
2. Nine West Revengez, $83 at
3. MAXSTUDIO ‘Ferris’ Sandal, $158.95 at

4. kate spade ‘gwennie’ pump, $295 at
5. Moda Spana Demi, $93 at
6. rsvp Liz, $65 at

Cabochon-wrapped enamel bangle1" enamel bangleTwo-strand turquoise drop necklace

Purple Jade, Grey Onyx, and Smoky Quartz Color Block Floating Silk NecklaceRutilated quartz briolette necklaceGenuine rose quartz vine earring

1. Cabochon-wrapped enamel bangle, $68 at
2. 1” enamel bangle, $35 at
3. Two-strand turquoise drop necklace, $49 at

4. Purple Jade, Grey Onyx, and Smoky Quartz Color Block Floating Silk Necklace, $89 at
5. Rutilated quartz briolette necklace, $45 at
6. Genuine rose quartz vine earring, $59 at

Q. I have recently discovered your website and I love it! As a stay-at-home mom of 3, it’s hard to stay connected to the world of fashion.  When dealing with kids, I find it much easier to use a purse with an extra long strap so I can wear it crossed over my torso.  This may not be the style right now but it makes my life easier when I don’t have a bag falling (or being pulled) off my shoulder.  The problem is that it is really hard to find a stylish purse that can work this way.  I never have time to change out my purse, so I need one that will work for day and evening.  I’m also on a pretty tight budget.  I would really appreciate any suggestions you have!
-Strap On

A. Usually all that we carry in our bags during the day isn’t needed for a night out. However, for your specific needs, I found shoulder bags with an additional strap to wear like a messenger bag by day so you can be hands free and still stylish enough to head out in the evening. You just may have to cut back on stuffing essentials for the kids in the bag as well.

Big Buddha Groupie BagPerlina Spare Change Round ShopperXhilaration® Large Tote Bag - Black Geo Flower

1. Big Buddha Groupie Bag, $84 at
2. Perlina Spare Change Round Shopper, $210 at
3. Xhilaration® Large Tote Bag - Black Geo Flower, $8.99 at

Xhilaration® Tote Bag - Gold Matte Circles Eileen West Italian Garden Satchel

4. Xhilaration® Tote Bag - Gold Matte Circles, $9.99 at
5. Eileen West Italian Garden Satchel, $268 at

Q. Can I carry a black patent leather handbag in the winter?  My mother said only in the Spring.

A. Where have you and your mother been hangin’? Have you not had access to magazines, TV or walked in a department store lately?  I’m not trying to be harsh, but patent leather has saturated the runways, magazines and is available in some form or fashion in just about every store. So let your mom know what the old rules no longer apply and you can sport your black patent leather bag all year long.

 Echo Long Side Button GlovesQ. I have a fabulous antique swing coat that is a subtle grey/black tweed pattern.  The sleeves are 3/4 length and I am looking for some long leather gloves to wear with it.  Do you have any suggestions?  I have been having trouble finding a nice pair I like.

-Arm’s Length

A. I’m quite fond of vintage clothes and giving them a stylish second life. If the coat is warm enough to get you through two months’ worth of wear during Fall and Winter, then perhaps buy two pairs of gloves - one long to cover the arms fully and another pair in a bright color that will pop when you wear a sweater with sleeves that reach past the length of the coat arms and to meet the gloves.  Below are a few options from tres chic grey and embellished plum (warning: they’re all a bit pricey):

 Nordstrom Chain Leather Gloves Nordstrom Ruched Leather GlovesGiorgio Armani Long Ruched GlovesLong Black Leather GlovesSaks Fifth Avenue Patent Leather Gloves

1. Nordstrom Chain Leather Gloves, $88 at
2. Nordstrom Ruched Leather Gloves, $135 at
3. Giorgio Armani Long Ruched Gloves, $285 at
4. Long Black Leather Gloves, $116 at
5. Saks Fifth Avenue Patent Leather Gloves, $198 at

Top photo:
6. Echo Long Side Button Gloves, $195 at

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