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How to wear a beret

D0403524829810_v1_m56577569831131435Q. I have a hat question:  I’ve seen some very cute berets and I’d like to get one, I just want to be sure about the right way to wear it fashionably!  Should it be tilted to one side (left or right?), or just worn centered?
-Hat Sassy

A. Don’t get hung up looking for rules, especially when there aren’t any. There is no right way to wear a beret, it’s just about which way you prefer and how it looks best on you.  I’ve seen it centered, slightly right and slightly left.  Have fun!  And if someone questions your new purchase just say, “C’est la vie.”

Above: Lola wool felt beret, $75 at

Q. I’m a mom of an 18 month old and 4-year-old boys. I want to graduate from a diaper bag to an everyday tote. I’m trying to find a basic black leather tote (with inside pockets that holds my cell phone and sunglasses) that isn’t over-embellished with decorative items. Have any suggestions on where to look?
-Bag It All

A. Now that you don’t plan to carry a dozen diapers, baby bottles and toys, you need a sophisticated, classic tote that will last for several years and not go out of style.  I’ve picked out several stylish totes that can carry your essentials as well as a bit of the baby gear. For a variety of totes that won’t put a dent in your budget and aren’t over embellished check out these sites:,,,, and

Leather tote
$198 at

MICHAEL Michael Kors
Double Zipper Tote
$298 at


DKNY Urban Fusian Shopper
$185 at

If you still feel as if you need more pockets and compartments for all your essentials, try adding a Purseket organizer. It comes in several sizes with many different fabric options and can be moved from bag to bag when needed.
$16 to $22 at

Q. I like wardrobes, what kind of jewelry (closets) are best for easy display and daily access/organization of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and hair clips?
-Easy Access

A. I’m a big fan of keeping my jewelry organized and easy to find. I own a leather jewelry armoire from Hold Everything and I can’t imagine what my drawers would look like if I didn’t. I also keep additional necklaces organized in soft cinched bags and small boxes in the top drawer of my dresser.
Xhe05F292 3518 F05 050624223423 Pip Hero

leather jewelry armoire
$345 at

Athena mahogany jewelry chest
$189.95 at
B0002Kv90S.01-A8K3K4Or6Exja. Aa225 Sclzzzzzzz

Alexandra jewelry box
$149.25 (sale) at

Q. I have a question in regards to metallics. I really like this hobo bag in which the color comes in a vintage gold/bronze. I usually am into classic things and don’t usually follow trendy things. However, this hobo bag is beautiful and I want to wear the bag for a long time, but worry that metallics will be out soon. How long will metallics be in for? Or would it just be better for me to get the hobo bag in the brown color? I need your advice.

-Shine, shine, shine

E0444225997347 V1 M56577569831127049A. Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to guess when trends come and go. Our style editor, Jennifer, has been sporting a fabulous metallic bag from Lorelei for months and her mom loves it so much that she bought one recently as well. The stores and sites we regularly visit are also still jam packed with metallics in bronze, gold, and silver for Fall (like the Audra Metallic Hobo shown left from Isabella Fiore at If you love the bag, then I say go for it, especially since it’s in a deeper hue for Fall. If you buy a brown hobo, sure you’ll use it, but there’s no guarantee that you won’t be bored with it in a few months. Just because it’s neutral doesn’t necessarily mean it’s useful, stylish or will make you feel good. Go with your gut - just don’t spend a bundle for the “trend.”

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