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Q. I walk to work every day in NYC and it can get pretty chilly! I’m tired of arriving at the office with hat hair, can you recommend some hats that won’t ruin my hair?

A. Look no further than a chic beret. Besides looking super cute, this classic hat style has minimal contact with your hair, so there’s less of a chance you’ll end up with flat, limp hair when you take it off. If static-y flyaways are a concern, stash a dryer sheet in your bag and lightly rub it over your hair to remove the static.

If berets aren’t your thing, earmuffs are the perfect hair-saving option and there are tons of cute faux fur styles available right now.

Q. What accessories (jewelry, bag) should I wear with a black cocktail dress and silver sequin shoes? The cocktail dress has a round neck with a V neck in the back and black soft ruffle down the front.

A. The simple answer would be to suggest silver and black accessories, which would look lovely and chic. However, a black dress and silver shoes also offer the perfect opportunity to incorporate a pop of color. Here are a few suggestions for you to mix and match as you please:


Q. I recently purchased a few crew neck sweaters from J.Crew. I got theTippi sweater in Dark Grape and Dahlia. I also the purchased the Betsy sweater in Heather Aqua. While I want these sweaters for a casual daytime look (with jeans), I’m finding they look boring! What kind of necklaces or scarves would work with these?

A. Great purchases! The classic crew neck sweater is making a huge comeback this season and I love that you’re experimenting with color in your choices. You’re right, though, when worn on its own, especially with jeans, an unadorned crew neck can look a bit boring. The good news is, there are endless ways to style it.

The easiest way to accessorize your crew neck is by pairing a fitted collared shirt underneath. Let the collar, cuffs and shirt tail peek out like the look shown here. Don’t feel limited to plain white shirts, you can wear patterned shirts or colors underneath too.

A really fun accessory that’s been popping up is the detachable collar. Available in a variety of prints, colors and textures like leather, sequin and faux fur, the detachable collar dresses up your crew neck sweater without the bulk of wearing a shirt underneath. Scarves are also an option in every available form, from a classic silk scarf to a chunky knit snood.

Another option is to wear one of this season’s collar or choker necklaces to add interest around the neckline of your crew neck sweater. We’re especially loving chunky links and elaborate bib necklaces. Or, try pushing up your sleeves to 3/4 length and pile on the bracelets.

Finally, there’s always the option to wear your crew neck underneath a blazer or faux fur vest.

Q. I’m always running around for my job in sales and I’m in search of a really stylish yet roomy tote bag to carry my materials, can you recommend some?

A. What you need is a lightweight tote with a strap that’s long enough to fit over your shoulder. Here are some options that are sure to impress your clients:



Q. My belt was lost to a trench coat. What do I use instead?

A. I love this question! There’s no rule that you need to use the matching belt that comes with your trench coat. Take a cue from these designers and use a stylish belt instead. Anything from a thick or skinny leather belt to fabric or rope tied around your waist works. You can even experiment with a scarf in a pretty print. Whether you match the color of your trench or go for a contrast, think of it as an opportunity to express your individual style and put your own spin on a classic trench. Here are some belts that can easily be swapped in with a basic trench:

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