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Q. I’m trying out a new look-bangs!-and I need some headband ideas! I don’t really know whether to go for a thin band or a thick band or a patterned band or a solid band…gah! I don’t even know what color would go with my hair (it’s a very vivid shade of blonde at the moment). Any suggestions?

A. I love a great headband, not only for its style, but also for practicality. The options are endless, whether you have bangs or not, or are blonde or brunette; there are thin and thick styles, plastic, metallic, jeweled and even scarf styles. There are no rules, so experiment with your favorite styles, wearing your bangs blunt or pushed to the side for a different look.

Our one recommendation? Avoid the hippie-influenced middle-of-the-forehead headband - this fleeting trend thankfully seems to be over. Instead, opt for a classic, feminine look like the celebrities below, each wearing a chic headband perfectly:


Here are some stylish headbands to consider:

Q. Cold weather is coming! For northern girls like me (Milwaukee!) the cold weather season presents a difficult challenge for me, as my favorite clothes to wear are flats with trousers, flats with skinny jeans, flats with anything! But I don’t like them with socks, and then my feet get cold! Can you provide some variation on the flats with pants look for winter? Do socks look ok with this style?


A. I’m a big ballet flat person myself and wear them as long as possible into the cold weather without socks. When I finally can’t stand cold ankles any longer, I typically turn to ankle boots and tall boots. However, I have also been known to wear socks with flats on occasion.

Some flats are easier to pair with socks than others. For instance, an Oxford flat or menswear-inspired shoe looks great with a sock, and mary jane style flats tend to look great with tights. The trickiest kind of flat to wear with a sock is a ballet flat or similar shoe that shows off a lot of the top of your foot (instep), however, it can be done. The key to pulling off this look is to match your sock color to your shoe color. Black is always the easiest, so a black sock with a black shoe looks fine. Choose a smooth sock (or tights) that won’t bunch up.

There is a big trend towards socks this season, however, as designers sent many looks down the runways showing off socks with heels, sandals and ankle boots. Try experimenting with some fun socks with your flats in a “meant to be seen” fashion.

Your other alternative, of course, is to switch to a flat ankle boot or flat tall boot. You’ll get the same comfort you’re used to without worrying about socks and exposed ankles. Here are some styles to try:

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Q. I’ve had my eye on Hunter Boots for almost 2 years now. Each year, I feel like it won’t be in style the following year and that I shouldn’t invest so much in Rain Boots (since I live in Sunny Southern California). After 2 years, I still want them. I wanted to know if it would be a good investment for my boot collection. If so, any recommendation on color and what type of outfits to pair it with?


A. Even in sunny southern California, you still need to be prepared for the occasional rainstorm - and there’s nothing that’s more practical and stylish than Hunter boots (or Wellie-style rain boots). Wellies are the rare combination of classic and trendy style. The key to finding a pair that you won’t tire of is to choose a simple color, rather than some of the flamboyant prints that come in and out of style. Believe me, you’ll wear your rubber boots for years and years. The color you choose depends on your personal style, but here are some options with staying power from Hunter and other brands:

As for what to wear them with, they pair easily with skinny jeans and leggings. But we also love them with shorts, dresses and skirts - perfect for sunny California! Here are some more ideas on what to wear with your rain boots.

Q. Back-to-school is just a few weeks away and i could really use some help finding a backpack that converts into a purse so I don’t have to switch back and forth. Please help me find a perfect school bag!


A. We found some really cute convertible backpacks to wear to school and beyond, starting as low as $36 up to $300. Check out our picks below, or try one of these season’s must-have messenger (cross-body) bags as an alternative to a backpack that you can wear in or out of class.

Q. Can you recommend some bags to carry for a night out for dinner and dancing? I don’t like being burdened with holding a clutch but I also don’t want to bring my big day bag. What are my options?


A. Look no further than this season’s small cross body bag. It’s the perfect little bag for an evening out and the long strap offers a hands-free alternative to the ubiquitous clutch. Here are some stylish picks for every budget:

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