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Q. I am a stay at home mom with 2 small children - my day to day life consists of running between preschool, classes, parks and playdates. My uniform is often jeans and some sort of comfortable top. The problem is I am having trouble finding a t-shirt or top that is flattering. After two children I am left with the dreaded pouch and protruds out and could be mistaken for an early pregnancy. All I am left with are tighter fitting tees or buying too big and therefore looking big all over. I was wondering if there were some good options out there for those of us who are home. Please keep in mind that most of us are on budgets or can’t imagine spending $80 on a shirt that will most like get snot, dirt, or food on it from our darling children.

A. It’s time to think outside of the basic t-shirt box and look for blousy cotton tops or a-line shapes that won’t cling to your tummy - they have a bit more style than the classic tee but are just as easy to wash and wear, and look great with jeans, shorts or casual cropped pants. Here are several options for you, all machine washable and under $50:


Q. Is there anywhere that I can buy bangle bracelets for smaller sized wrists? I love bangles, especially for the summer, but they always seem too clunky for me and can very easily fall off my wrists. Thanks!

A. Since bangles are designed to slip over your hand, this can leave them sliding up and down your wrists. Your problem is not uncommon, but don’t stress over it - you may just have to try on a few more options until you find a bangle that works. Look for adjustable bangles, or try cuff bracelets instead (which are adjustable) and visit some of your favorite teen stores - they usually feature great trendy options that are likely cut a bit smaller. Here are some adjustable options for you:

Q. What are some low-cost, lightweight, pretty, airy (not clingy) knee-length (or shorter) white dresses for this spring and summer?

A. When the weather warms up, there’s nothing we love slipping into more than a summery white dress. We found many options for you under $100.


251663_MAIN_LB_1.jpg.gifQ. I am looking for a spring jacket that I can wear everyday. I have seen a ton of cute trench coats, but I still need something even more casual. I love this jacket from Built by Wendy but cannot afford it. I found a somewhat similar jacket at J Crew but it won’t be available for another two months! By then, it will no longer be needed! Can you please help me find similar affordable jackets?  

A. Based on the two jackets you mentioned, you’re looking for a super casual anorak or cargo/safari/military style spring jacket. We found several affordable options for you:

Q. I’ve been shopping for a pair of heeled black strappy sandals, but not gladiator-style, with a 2- to 3-inch heel max.

A. It does seem that gladiator styles are everywhere, doesn’t it? We searched and found some classic black strappy sandals for you with 2 or 3 inch heels, check them out:

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