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Q. I am desperately looking for shoes to wear when it’s raining. I already have a pair of rubber Wellies but want something with a bit more style. Any suggestions?

A. We found a slew of chic waterproof shoes - many of them you’ll want to wear rain or shine. Scroll through our picks below:

Q. I’m looking for a designer, rather large/roomy tote to carry around for school. The hard part is that I really want a zipper wall that goes down the middle inside the bag so my books/binders can stand upright and not fall over and also to separate my wallet/makeup-bag from my books. I have searched furiously online with barely any luck. My price range is up to $450 I would say. Any suggestions!?

A. This proved to be tougher than we thought! Here are three chic options that contain the center zip compartment you’re looking for. And if any of our readers have other suggestions, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!


LeSportsac Lexie Tech Tote

$120 at


Hayden-Harnett Catalina Slouchy Laptop Brief

$473 at


Lodis Accessories Milano Tote With Laptop Pocket

$279 at

Lanvin-knee-boot.gifQ. First, I love your site, especially the Ask Us feature. So naturally, I thought I’d send this question to StyleBakery! I would love a pair of the Lanvin Flat Knee-High Boots, but at a more affordable price. I’d still like something quality that will last, but not priced at $1000! Any idea where I can find the same look?

A. Great boots, but scary price tag! The good news is, we found some amazing flat boots in a range of prices, all for less than the Lanvins. Scroll through these options:

Q. I would really like to purchase a blazer for fall. My plan is to wear it with jeans and some sort of shirt when the occasion calls for something less casual. I’m a stay-at-home mom so I don’t really need something for work right now. I have found a few possibilities but, they are all wool or a wool blend. I live in Texas. There really aren’t more than a few days a year when that much warmth is needed. Suggestions?

A. We love the versatility of a lightweight blazer - wear it when it’s warm with just a tee or a tank or layer it up when it’s cool with a sweater, scarf or turtleneck. We found a bunch of non-wool options for you below - and none of them cost more than $125.

Outlook.jpgQ. Im trying to find a pair of nude patent heels like these but can’t afford $595 Christian Louboutin shoes. Do you know of any nude patent closed toe pumps out there?

A. Sure thing! Check out these more affordable nude patent pumps:

8246-649556-d.jpg 6628-578884-d.jpg 3279-686579-d.jpg 8521-619103-d.jpg
1. Dolce Vita Madison, $136 at
2. Vigotti Valerie, $149 at
3. Kate Spade Kelley, $332 at
4. Cole Haan Carma Mid Air Pump, $279 at

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