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Q. I noticed that you guys answered a question about dresses that would cover up acne scars before, and the dresses were really cute BUT, most are out of stock now… Could you help me find some cute dresses that would cover up my chest acne?

A. Absolutely! Look no further than two of our favorite dress silhouettes: the shift and the sheath. Both of these styles will offer you a covered up top and are available with or without sleeves and in lengths that range from mini to knee-length. Since you didn’t mention budget or occasion, we scoped out a variety of day and evening dresses in several price ranges for you.

Q. I’m going on a beach vacation at the end of summer and I’m in search of a pretty straw hat that folds flat to pack into my suitcase. Can you recommend some?

A. Smart girl bringing a hat with you on your beach vacation, you can never be too careful when it comes to sun exposure. We found a great variety of rollable and packable straw hats that spring back into shape when you’re ready to wear them.


Q. I bought a bunch of cute shorts and cropped pants for summer, but I’m having trouble finding anything to wear with them. I want something that is casual and cool but isn’t a plain t-shirt or tank top. I need several, so I don’t want to spend a lot of money. Can you suggest some inexpensive options?

A. Absolutely! I practically live in beyond-basic t-shirts and tank tops every summer. Scroll through some favorites under $50 this season:


Q. I would love some help finding cute sandals that are not the usual thong-style. I have slight bunions and feel uncomfortable wearing the thong style that seems to be the most common option for sandals.

A. Sure! We found a selection of seriously stylish flat sandals with strategically placed straps to help minimize the visibility of your bunion. No thong styles included! (Another option is to try one of this summer’s must-have flat espadrilles.)

Q. After hours of searching online, I’ve concluded that nude, neutral, or beige heels only come in heels above 3 inches! I know that works for most ladies who are more daring than I, but I am looking for a pair of nude heels for a wedding I am in this May. I am by far the tallest bridesmaid in the bunch, and I’m hoping not to stand out too much from the rest of the shorties - can you help? Another requirement: the bride has requested that heels do not have anything other color in them.


A. True, most evening shoes are of the sky-high variety, but we found several that are under 3 inches high:

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