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Q. Do you have any suggestions for some fun, stylish walking shoes? I live in NYC and walk my dog frequently in Central Park. I’m finding that my old stand-by shoes - Pumas, one of the older styles - don’t look quite right when I’m wearing cropped pants in the summer and flip flops don’t work either. My dog enjoys walking and running off the sidewalk so maximum foot coverage is probably best. Any ideas on some sporty shoes that would work in the summer?

A. You and me both, trekking around the city with our pooches. A girl needs to weather the hard city streets, a chance to enjoy the green grass in the park and still look slightly stylish. I am hooked on the Cole Haan Air Brea ballet flats as my substitute for sneakers and I found some other choices that are pulling me nearly as strong as my dog when she sees another cute pooch she has to meet or actually sniff.

10101-636347-d.jpg 9755-620234-d.jpg 9994-620850-d.jpg 916112_fpx.jpg alkngshs.jpg
1. Privo Tidal, $89 at
2. Cole Haan Air Billie Mary Jane, $149 at
3. Cole Haan Remy Ballet, $149 at
4. Cole Haan Women’s “Air Bria” Woven Ballet Flats, $150 at
5. Naturalizer Cresson, $69 at
Q. Where can I find some reasonably priced short-sleeved summer dresses? I love the ease and comfort of one-piece dressing, but I don’t want to wear strapless or spaghetti straps to work. I KNOW that I can wear a cardigan or a jacket—but there goes the ease of one-piece dressing! I am having a hard time finding them, and would love some help.
-A Little Arm Cover

A. There are short sleeve dresses galore, and just a click away on multiple listings in our sweet sites section. When the temperatures hit the 80s and 90s outdoors and the indoor air seems to be stuck on 60 degrees (damn those guys in suits who keep it so cold), we girls are left with a pile of cardys hanging over our desk chair. A short sleeve dress is the solution for looking polished and appropriate without being chilled to the bone. Check out some of my suggestions:

Picture 1.png Picture 2.png _5614780.jpg
_5622298.jpg br583258-01vliv01.jpg br583252-00vliv01.jpg
1. INC International Concepts® Printed Shirtdress with Full Skirt, $109 at
2. Maggy London Military-Style Belted Short-Sleeve Dress, $128 at
3. Adrianna Papell Print Matte Jersey Dress, $118 at
4. BCBGMAXAZRIA Contrast Belt Shirtdress, $238 at
5. Silk wrap dress, $130 at
6. Silk floral-print dress, $110 at
Q. My favorite tank top from last summer was Susana Monaco. When I went to buy another one for this summer, I realized she changed the styles and no longer makes the one that fit me perfectly. Any secrets to finding leftovers from last year?
-Tanked Last Year

A. That can be nearly impossible when the item is a year old. While many chain retail stores like J.Crew and Banana Republic make the same tees and tanks each year, designers like Susana Monaco have to keep their designs fresh. Best bet is to try some of her newer styles or find a tank top from another designer and if you love it, buy two. Or as a last resort try, but for a tank it may not be worth the auction.
Here are two possible replacements from the same designer:

susan2009012511_prod_medium_v1_m56577569831075337.jpg susan2012014037_prod_medium_v1_m56577569831141515.jpg

left: Susana Monaco Jennifer Tank Tunic, $113 at

right: Susana Monaco Urban Gather Tank, $102 at
Q. Summer is here and I can’t wait to be out of school and done with “teacher clothes” for a few months. I’m looking for a pair of white pants to wear to daytime social events (backyard parties), but would prefer them to be chic and sexy enough that I can wear them out at night. Also, I’m on a tight budget, so I would appreciate some suggestions under $50.
-Tight Budget in White

A. You need a pair of white pants that work day and night. And best bets for finding a pair within your budget of under $50 is to stick with the large retail chains like,, and I was able to find several pairs that should fulfill your needs to go from casual get-togethers to chic parties:

on579765-00vliv01.jpggp498459-00vliv01.jpg 153856_wht_w.jpg _5605432.jpg 164384_whit_main.jpg
1. Wide-Leg Cuffed Trousers, $32.50 at
2. Sunkissed khakis, $34.99 at
3. Quinn Low-Rise Sailor Flare, $39.50 at
4. Rubbish® ‘Sadie’ Pants, $38 at
5. Ultimate Linen Trousers, $32.50 at

Q. I recently bought this pair of shorts from Anthropologie. I’m having trouble finding a shirt of the right length and style to go with them. Most of my t-shirts are too long, and look lumpy when they cover up the sash, but they look weird tucked in. Do you have any suggestions? I’m 5’ 4” and a size 4.
- Shirts for Shorts

A. I shopped multiple sites and found looks that were fitted enough to look smooth and stylish when tucked into your new shorts. I also made a point of shopping for colored tops to show you the variety of colors and patterns that will work with the shorts rather than playing it safe with white tanks and t-shirts. And a quick tip, be willing to swap out the belt once in a while (assuming it is not attached) and wear a different belt like a stripe or pattern to get even more mileage from your shorts.


1. Airy ribbon washed favorite tank, $19.99 at
2. Polka-dot short-sleeve slim shirt, $58 at
3. Short-sleeve slim shirt in botanical Liberty Fabric, $98 at
4. Cap-sleeve ruched top, $39 at
5. Free People Sundial Racerback Tank, $24.99 at

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