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Q. This fall, what is a good bet for a versatile jacket? I’m a lawyer but I work in an office that does not have a strict, traditional dress code. I’d like to buy something on trend that can function on weekdays and weekends.


A. Some of our favorite work-to-weekend styles this season include a belted military coat, a classic trench and a leather jacket. Here are some fall picks to wear until the cold winter temperatures arrive:

Q. Back-to-school is just a few weeks away and i could really use some help finding a backpack that converts into a purse so I don’t have to switch back and forth. Please help me find a perfect school bag!


A. We found some really cute convertible backpacks to wear to school and beyond, starting as low as $36 up to $300. Check out our picks below, or try one of these season’s must-have messenger (cross-body) bags as an alternative to a backpack that you can wear in or out of class.

Q. I’m an art professor without an office. So, I’m in search of a creative, put-together tote bag to carry all the stuff needed for class. Any suggestions?

A. Look no further than a stylish diaper bag! They’re full of pockets to keep you organized and often include wipeable surfaces which will help protect your belongings from accidental messes from your art supplies. Here are a few tote-sized diaper bags that are chic enough to carry to and from class.


Q. I’m OBSESSED with Bottega Veneta’s Cabat tote. I can’t afford 5k for a handbag. Is there anything out there that’s close? I don’t want “pleather” but a nice woven authentic leather. I’m not looking for a purse, more of a tote. I can spent up to $500.


A. You have good taste! Not only is the BV Cabat a gorgeous, luxe bag, it’s also a classic that will never go out of style. We found a few rich looking woven leather totes ranging in price from $240 to $500. Though not as oversized as the Bottega Veneta version, they are all equally as beautiful and timeless:

Q. I love the look of sundresses in the summer, but I’m a bit self conscious of my arms. Every dress I see seems to be sleeveless! Can you help me fun some pretty casual dresses with short sleeves?


A. You’re right, it’s not easy to find a casual sundress that has sleeves. In addition, designers tend to compensate for coverage on the arms by shortening the length of the dress, which makes it difficult for women no interested in showing a lot of skin. After hunting around, we found 8 beautiful and breezy day dresses that aren’t too short and have sleeves - just add sandals!

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