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Q. Can short girls rock wide leg jeans?

A. Follow the lead of famous petite girls, Kylie Minogue and Rachel Bilson, and yes, short girls can wear wide leg jeans. Here are a few tips for wearing them to achieve the most flattering look:


  • If you’re slim, opt for high waisted wide leg styles which will help elongate your legs.

  • Always wear heels (chunky styles work best), which will also help to elongate your legs.

  • Opt for a slim fitting, tucked in shirt.

  • Look for styles that are slim through the hips and thighs.

  • If you are petite and long waisted, with shorter legs - avoid this style!

  • If you are petite and plus size - avoid this style!

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Q. I’m attending my first-ever writers conference at the end of January, and am feeling a little lost about what to wear. From what I’ve heard, most of the people do business casual or dressier casual attire, and a suit would be a definite no-no. I usually feel more comfortable in a dress, but since the conference happens to be during winter in NYC, that might not be the best of ideas. There will be a lot of standing/walking around, so heels won’t really be practical either. I’ll be pitching my new book idea to some literary agents and I want to look professional, yet creative. There will be a lot of potential authors there, so I’d like to stand out (in a good way). I’m also very petite so I don’t want to look like I’m playing dress up in my Mom’s business clothes!

A. I love when you can infuse a bit of creativity into a work look. Since you feel most comfortable in a dress, wear one! We New Yorkers wear them all winter long - just add some opaque tights and a pair of boots and you’ll be fine. To add a creative touch to your dress, try pairing it with a sleek leather jacket. Another option is to pair skinny black pants with a belted jacket and booties. Add a stylish accessory like some great jewelry or an animal print belt or scarf, and a chic tote.

Though I understand the need to wear comfortable (and perhaps flat) shoes if you’ll be on your feet for hours, your best bet is to look for a stylish pump or shoe with a mid-size heel - this will help you to stand out a bit more since you’re so petite (sometimes we have to suffer a bit for fashion!) Find a shoe that you’ll be comfortable enough in that still offers a little bit of height and will add style to your look.


Below are some looks for inspiration:

Q. I am almost 6’ tall with an athletic/hourglass figure. I can range in size from an 8-14 depending on the season. At an 8, I’m about as lean as I can get and at 14 I’m enjoying extra goodies and drinks, but still not “overweight” by any means. I know it’s not a good habit, especially for my closet.


I am a 12-14 right now. I have a pair of dark skinny jeans that fit really well and an awesome pair of on-trend knee high, flat brown boots. Are these ok for me? I feel like I should wear something to cover my larger parts (hips/outer thigh), but am having a hard time finding the right look. I’ve searched for long tunics and sweaters, but am just not sure what to wear with my skinnys/boots…or if I should skip them until I am smaller again?

A. Yes, yes, yes! You are tall, found a pair of dark skinny jeans that look great on you and have amazing knee high flat boots - what more can a girl ask for? Whether you are a size 6 or a size 16, your tall frame is made for this look! Your instincts are correct to look for sweaters, blazers and tunics to help conceal your bulges and give you a lean silhouette. Here are some options for you:

Q. I am a 58 year young woman and will soon be going out on the town with some people I do not know that well. We are planning an overnighter in NYC to take in some music and cocktails etc. The couple we are going with are younger than we are. I want to look stylish and age appropriate. I am plus size while the young lady is svelte. Needless to say I am a bit insecure about my figure. I would love help! Advice I have been getting ranges so much that I do not know which way to turn. (from jeans to leggings, flats to heels etc.)

0451797353099R__ASTL_300x400.jpgA. Sounds fun! For your night out in NY city, I would recommend a chic great-fitting dress. With a dress, you don’t need to worry about coordinating your top with your bottom, so all you need to focus on is shoes, bag and jewelry to look stylish and put together. Pair your dress with pumps or knee boots, whichever you feel most comfortable in, though I would definitely recommend a heel instead of a flat. Wear opaque tights or bare legs, whichever you prefer. Here are two looks for inspiration:

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