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Q. I am loving this season’s focus on belts but I am having a lot of trouble adding this stylish detail to my wardrobe. I see beautiful belts everywhere I shop but the small is always too large to fit around my 27” waist. The petite stores near me seem to only carry ‘mom-style’ utilitarian belts. I want to wear patent leather and double-wrap belts too!! Can you suggest a store or online sites that have stylish belts for smaller waists?

A. It wasn’t easy, but we found a slew of belts to suit your small waist (see below). If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always bring a size XS or S belt to a shoemaker and ask him to add an extra hole for you. Or look for Ring style belts that don’t have any holes at all and are easy to adjust.

Q. I have been looking everywhere for flat, silver leather, strappy sandals for a wide foot for summer for under $45. But I can’t find any that aren’t gladiator or thong style. I want a casual sandal that I can still dress up if needed. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Wow, that’s a tall (or wide) order - flat, silver, wide, not a thong or gladiator and under $45. We did find several silver wide options at and, but none that fit all of your parameters. You may have to raise your price range or opt for a slightly higher heel to find a silver shoe that fits your wide foot. Here are some of the best we’ve found:

9994-668912-d.jpg 8521-718407-d.jpg 3279-401130-d.jpg 9994-637646-d.jpg
Shoes_iAEC1092238.jpg shoes_iaec1110075.jpg Shoes_iAEC1087312.jpg Shoes_iAEC1088463.jpg
1. Fitzwell Charlotte, $79 at
2. Vigotti Nora, $89 at
3. Bouquets Newport, $70 at
4. J. Reneé Desna, $109 at
5. Touch Ups Women’s Melanie, $40.99 at
6. Gretta Women’s Gilda, $44 at
7. Touch Ups Women’s Lynn, $51.99 at
8. Touch Ups Women’s Gemini, $58.99 at
Q. I absolutely love your daily fashion advice! I’m sure my dilemma is not unique; I am a size 0 on top, a 4/6 on the bottom, and petite (5’2”). Can you suggest top styles that would offset my lopsided figure and also perhaps recommend some dress styles for a wedding I’m attending in August? I don’t mind getting clothes altered, but I just don’t know what styles to look for.

A. While you are still considered small on your bottom half as well, you seek balance. Best way to solve a “lopsided” figure is to find tops that have a little extra going on from the chest area upwards, including collars, slight puffed sleeves and wider necklines. Just beware that you don’t go overboard since you are petite and don’t want to look like a dress up doll. Patterns also help to keep the eye moving, and be sure to avoid big and baggy. There’s nothing wrong with accentuating your waist while wearing a skirt or dress with a slight A-line shape that will flatter your slightly larger bottom half. I’ve found plenty of tops to choose from, plus some dresses than can be easily altered to fit your top and flatter you bottom half at a wedding.

919520_fpx.jpg 918836_fpx.jpg 915443_fpx.jpg 722172_fpx.jpg Picture 1.png
1. BCBGMAXAZRIA Women’s Musical Note Border Matte Jersey Top, $138 at
2. Aqua Women’s Sleeveless Ruffle “2-Fer” Top, $58 at
3. Marc By Marc Jacobs Women’s Cotton Sateen Jersey Top and Fiona Cotton Faille Skirt at
4. Nanette Lepore Feels So Right Floral Top, $285 at
5. INC International Concepts® Smocked Printed Peasant Top, $59 at

_5576789.jpg erez.jpg erez-1.jpg
6. Maggy London Silk Cocktail Dress, $138 at
7.. Silk faille Mirabelle dress, $395 at
8. Strappy Florence dress, $179.99 at

Q. I have been addicted to your website for years. It is so helpful for many reasons. I am writing to you for advice on finding a bathing suit. I am a 34D sometimes DD, but a size 6 on bottom. I am having the hardest time finding appropriate bathing suits (I am 38 years old) that don’t make me look pregnant in the middle, but fit nicely in the breast area. I usually wear halter type tankini’s, but lately the cuts are so low that I feel like I have to squeeze into it. Any suggestions or ideas on where to find decent bathing suits that are made for a woman and not a young girl?
- Suit Yourself from Long Island

A. I found several options that will fit a size D-DD cup size and offer coverage so you don’t feel uncomfortable at the beach or pool. Sites like and offer swimwear sections specifically for D-cups and you can buy separates to insure you get the right support on top and the coverage on your bottom half. Don’t forget to check out our swim style recipe with more swimsuit tips and suggestions.


1. D-cup solid halter tank (available in 5 colors), $74 at
2. D-cup solid halter tank top (available in 6 colors), $57 at
3. Contrast Waist Suit, $152 at
4. Women’s Regular Solid Ruched V-neck Tankini Swimsuit, $69.50 at
5. Next by Athena Tiny Bubbles Tankini Top (D & DD-Cups), $56 at

Q. I love wrap dresses and am looking for a product I saw on a style show to make them less revealing. It’s a "dickie" like triangle of fabric (it comes in several colors) that attaches to your bra straps instead of adding bulk with a tank top or camisole. It’s called something like a "wickie".

A. I have searched countless sites for what you call the “wickie.” I’m at a loss - so if any of our readers know where to find this triangle of fabric, please let us know. In the meantime, I can suggest a product we featured in a past Daily Scoop called the Bosom Button.  Made of a single Swarovski crystal or gem, these buttons are meant to be seen. Just pierce through your clothing in just the right spot and your cleavage will stay under cover all day.

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