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Earrings In or Out

Q. I know that chandelier earrings are out, but what should I be wearing for a fun going-out earring now? And are large necklaces still in? I have a few that are the big chain style from last season. Can I still wear them? What earrings do I pair with them? 
- Ear Wear

A. Yes, go ahead and wear your chain style necklace, I still wear mine.  Just go simple on the earrings, like little drop earrings in gold or silver or a thin hoop. As for your chandelier earrings, keep them since fashion is cyclical and everything always comes back in style. If you want more “pop” on your ears, check these out:

Hpd02Gd-200X200 B7-200X200 Kp Frangipani Earrings

left to right: Julie Sandlau Amethyst Cluster Oblong Hoop Earrings ($194) at, Calico Juno Bohemian Earring #7 ($84.99) at, Kipepeo Jewelry Frangipani Earrings ($64) at

Q. I am wearing a long off-white dress with sequins to my sons wedding. My question—would it look ok to wear smoky quartz jewelry (a brownish color)? Will that look tacky or awful?
-Jewelry Do or Don’t 

A. It’s a matter of trying the whole look on to see the effect. The amount of sequin coverage on the dress will determine how much jewelry you should wear.  You don’t want to overpower the whole look. So try on the dress, add the jewelry and see if you like it.  Ask a friend who not only has great style, but will also be attending the wedding, for a second opinion. Adding a bit of color is not bad.  It may look good to have something with a bit of color dangling from your ears.

Q. Is there something we can do to make cellulite disappear from our legs? I have been suffering from cellulite and I want to know if there are any products that can diminish the appearance of cellulite. That is one of the reasons why I don’t wear shorts or skirts because you can tell cellulite is there.
-Cellulite Be Gone

A. Unfortunately, there is no clear or definitive way to getting rid of cellulite - yet. Until there’s a real fix, your best bet is to try one of the many temporary firming options available. There are creams that have caffeine and other formulations that require daily application and can give the look of slightly plumped, firmer skin. There is also hosiery from Hanes Silk Reflections that has Vitamin E to smooth skin or micro-encapsulated ingredients to help diminish the look of cellulite. And wearing hosiery on a regular basis works as a compression garment to help smooth the look of legs. Some women have some success with Endermologie that works as a deep massage and suction roller on the skin.

One of the best ways to create a better looking leg is to avoid eating too many sugary or salty foods. Physical trainers suggest lunges and squats along with better nutrition and exercise. As for clothes, opt for skirts that hit just below the knee and walking or Bermuda shorts that cover the thighs but end just above the knee. If you’re worried about bumps showing through your clothes, try wearing shaper garments like Spanx to keep things smooth and firm looking.

P63309 Hero P70109 Hero P81816 Hero 18127 34295 H071403M-1 Pm Spx-Power-1

from left to right: Bliss High Thighs Cellulite Fighting Serum, $35 at; Bliss FatGirlSlim, $25 at; Sephora Indulgences - Full-Caff Non-Fat Double-Whipped Body Blend Set, $28 at; Hanes Body Enhancers No Hose®Firm Control Anti-Cellulite Mid-Thigh Shaper 3-Pk, $15.99 at; Spanx Power Panties, $25 at

Q. I have fairly sensitive/fair skin, so I am addicted to self-tanner.  Lately, however, self-tanners are irritating my skin.  What is a good self tanner that is also easy on sensitive skin? 
-Irritating Irritation

B000Bh81Sa.01-A3Jvdwo73Dmqmo. Pe25 Scmzzzzzzz A. Self tanning can definitely irritate skin with extended use.  Our beauty editor, Mickey Williams, suggests you start tanning at night before bed, or time the duration you wear the tanner. Maybe plan a Wednesday where you wake up early to tan, and then make sure you are near a shower after about three hours. Most irritations start when the chemicals in self-tanners react to your own body chemistry after extended exposure. 
If tanning at night, make sure to use darker bed sheets or a light layer of darker pajamas. Mickey likes using Comodynes Convenient Cosmetics Self-Tanning Towelettes. They absorb right into the skin without a messy residue to leave behind on sheets. One towel goes a long way, so make sure to use them conservatively. 
And lastly, Mickey says ff you simply must wear your facial tanner throughout the day, use a tanner that is tinted to look like a light foundation. Biotherm’s Sunfitness Autobronzant SPF 12 actually melts right into your own complexion with a minimal amount of coverage. The lower SPF makes way for less sunscreen irritants and the tint doubles as a foundation so you will not have to mix makeup with tanning.

Q. I was just wondering if nail polish color and purse color should be in contrast to one another? Also can multi-colored purses be carried everyday? And should light colors or dark colors be worn during fall/winter?
- Purse-onal Questions

A. To answer your multiple questions:

1. Don’t bother with questions about nail color matching your bag unless it’s a specific event that you’re dressing up for. We’ve headed into Fall so give your toe color a break and keep to light colors since few people will see your tootsies. To avoid garish looks with your fingernails, choose colors that aren’t too dark and no funky colors like blue or green.

2. Your everyday bag can be multi-colored, but if the colors are pastel you should hold off and carry in the Spring.

3. When it comes to colors for Fall and Winter, it’s most important to find colors that look best with your skin tone.

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