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Q. I recently had knee surgery and am relegated to flats and lower wedges. Any good options for fall/winter? What about formal evenings?

A. Speaking strictly from a style perspective (and not a medical one), you have many chic flat shoe options this fall. Ballet flats continue their reign as the go-to flat shoe. Look for jeweled embellishments, studs and animal prints this season. Tall flat boots are also incredibly hot this season. Here are a few options for you:

Flat shoes for evening can be tricky. Look for rich fabrics like velvets and metallics as well as pretty embellishments like jewels, flowers and ruffles. Here are some options for you.

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Q. For some reason I stuggle with wearing patent leather shoes. I have a couple of pairs of shoes that are patent; one is navy and one is dark red. I don’t wear them because I question if it’s the right time of year. What season is it appropriate to wear patent or is it always ok to do so? Please set me straight.

A. Patent leather used to be strictly a spring and summer skin, but in recent years, it has not only been okay to wear in the fall and winter, it has actually been a trend (read this post from last year). For fall, we love patent leathers in black, red, navy and purple, but more important than the color is the style of your shoe. If the silhouette is fall-appropriate, then go for it. Below are some patent accessories that are new for fall for inspiration:


Q. I am a maid of honor at a wedding in 2 weeks. My strapless dress is navy blue with an asymmetrical hem that is long in the back and tea length in the front. I cannot wear heels at all, since I’ve had previous injuries so I was wondering a few things…what style and color of shoes and what color, if at all for hose, should I wear? Or could I just opt for a nice dressy sandal and get a decent light tan? Thanks so much. The 2 bridesmaids can wear heels and the bride doesn’t care that we are identical.

dressyflats.jpgA. It’s definitely not easy finding an evening shoe that is flat, especially one to wear with the asymmetrical hemline of your dress. Your best bet is to go for something silver and strappy - this will help to dress up a flat. Definitely go the no-hose route and flaunt a pretty pedicure with your open toe shoes. Here are a few options for you:

Q. I am wondering that type of shoes I can wear with my boyfriend jeans for the fall? Or should I put away the boyfriend jeans until spring?

A. You will be thrilled to know that you can wear your boyfriend jeans in the fall. Pile on the layers with cardigans, blazers, leather jackets and more. On your feet, you can wear ballet flats or heels for as long as your bare ankles can stand the cold. When the temperature drops, turn to ankle boots instead. Below are some runway looks and shoe choices for inspiration:


Q. I have fallen in love with the Tayla shoe by Steve Madden. I am, however, unsure about what kind of outfit they would look good with. Any advice?

A. When it comes to shoes with thick ankle straps, it’s always best to show as much leg as possible. The sexy Tayla shoe looks great with short dresses and skirts, like those shown below:

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