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Q. I bought a dress from Lipsy that is a zebra printed dress, although the colors are not exactly black and white, it is more of a grey and white. I am having great difficulty finding shoes to match it, could you please help me?

A. Lucky for you, you have many options available. If you’re looking for a shoe that blends with the dress, try black, silver or even nude. Or, you can go for a bright contrasting shoe in hues like red, pink and blue. Pick your color depending on your personal style and mood, you pretty much can’t go wrong!


Q. I’ve been seeing a lot of thick, strappy sandals and gladiators in magazines lately. I’m not ready to join the gladiator trend just yet, so I was thrilled to find this alternative. I just purchased these t-strap platform pumps, but I haven’t got a clue what to wear them with! Do you have any suggestions?

Lauren Ralph Lauren Women's Sheila Sandal

A. These Lauren Ralph Lauren “Sheila” sandals were a very wise purchase. Not only can you wear them now, but you can wear them in the fall when the weather cools with a pair of tights. And they will be in style far longer than trendy gladiators.

What to wear them with? Everything! Dresses, jeans, pants, shorts, skirts - you name it. Your possibilities are endless, but here are a few ideas for inspiration:

chunkyshoes.JPGQ. I am hoping you can help me. I keep hearing about chunky heels making a comeback, and although I’m not a big fan of them, I kept an old pair of shoes that I purchased about 10 years ago because I loved how they looked. They looked super cute with my jeans and short black shorts so I’m wondering if I can wear them again or not. The heel is pretty square but it’s on a platform so I’m not sure if this is ok, or if I’m going to regret I wore them halfway through my night out by looking or feeling totally out-dated.

A. Isn’t it great when you’re smart (or lucky) enough to hang on to a trend that makes its way back to being stylish? Your 10 year old chunky heels are a great shoe to wear now and in the fall. Don’t believe us? Check out these shoes, all with similar chunky stacked heels:

Q. I love wearing tights with high heels, but how do I prevent my feet from slipping inside my shoes!

A. It sounds to me like your shoes may not fit properly. We are huge fans of Foot Petals products which offer various shoe inserts to help your shoes fit better. If this doesn’t keep your foot from sliding, you might want to try a little double-stick wardrobe tape like Topstick on the soles of your tights to help prevent slippage. Finally, you might want to opt for heels with ankle straps or t-straps which will help keep your foot in place.

3279-442574-d.jpg.jpegQ. I was wondering what I can wear with these ankle boots and if there was anyway I can wear them this summer without looking TOO ridiculous.

A. These are great boots that you will get a lot of wear from, however, they really are too heavy to wear in the summer. Tuck them away and take them out at the end of September to wear with everything from dresses to skinny jeans (check out this article for ideas on how to wear them).

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