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Q. I’ve been shopping for a pair of heeled black strappy sandals, but not gladiator-style, with a 2- to 3-inch heel max.

A. It does seem that gladiator styles are everywhere, doesn’t it? We searched and found some classic black strappy sandals for you with 2 or 3 inch heels, check them out:

Q. The ankle strap seems to be back this year. Could you please show a few examples of how to wear these sandals so they do not visually shorten your legs.

A. You’re right, the ankle strap is everywhere this season in many variations, from thin and ladylike to thick and rocker-inspired to wraparound gladiator-style. You are also right that they have a tendency to visually shorten legs. Here are some tips for wearing ankle straps:


1. Flat gladiator styles that often wrap more than once around your ankle can be a tough style to pull off for women with short legs or muscular calves. Look for lighter colors that closely match your skin tone like the model in look 1 above. Wear them with dresses, skirts or shorts that hit above the knee to make your legs look as long as possible. Or, wear them with maxi dresses that cover most of the leg anyway.

2. Look for ankle straps that hit below the ankle, like the pair in image #2. As you can see, they actually dip down towards the foot, giving you an extra inch or two below where the typical ankle strap hits.

3. Look for skinny straps in light colors like the pair in image #3. This will prevent the straps from visually chopping your leg at the ankle. Again, opt for a hemline above the knee. You can also try wearing them with cropped or rolled pants that hit just above the ankle or just below the wider part of your calf.

4. This season’s newest trend is the chunky cage heel which often comes in dark colors and features thick ankle straps - a tough look for anyone with less-than-slim calves or short legs to wear. This style looks best worn with minis or short shorts which allow as much leg to show as possible. As with other ankle strap heels, you can also wear them with cropped or rolled pants that hit just above the ankle or just below the wider part of your calf.

Q. I’m seeking Spring/Summer shoes that are appropriate for a formal office environment and that do not look stuffy outside of the office. I live in the city where walking can not be avoided so they need to be comfortable enough to be worn all day (standing, seated, or walking) , stylish enough to be considered a bit sexy, and between 2 3/4 - 3.5” high. Closed toe preferred or minimal toe. I’m flexible on color as long as they look good for summer.

A. Here are some (relatively) comfortable pumps and peep toes to wear to a conservative office that are cute enough to wear after hours.

Q. What kind of shoes can you wear for Spring and Summer if you don’t like the way your toes look? I see some really ugly toes sticking out of cute shoes and I don’t want to be one of those people!!

A. Footwear options for spring and summer tend to be toe-baring, but don’t fret, there are some beautiful options that will conceal your toes in the warm weather. Some of our favorites include strategic cutouts and perforations which give you the feel of a sandal in a closed-toe style:

Q. I am looking for fashionable, comfortable, durable shoes with heels that I can wear everyday (running errands, going to the parks with kids, etc.) Thank you!

A. Ahhh, the holy grail of shoe shopping: chic heels that are comfortable enough to wear all day long. Believe it or not, such shoes do exist! For your active lifestyle, it’s best to look for stacked heels that are 3” high or lower with a padded footbed. A small platform or wedge style allows for a more comfortable heel.

Since we’re headed into spring, here are few suggestions for you:

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