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Q. I’m getting married in August and I’m going to have a Church Ceremony. My mom is basically MAKING ME wear closed toe shoes because according to her strappy sandals are inappropriate for a Church Ceremony. Is that true???? I really wanted to wear strappy sandals instead of big clunky shoes! I need help convincing my mom. She will listen to you!

A. Strappy sandals are acceptable for most modern church ceremonies. If you belong to an ultra conservative church, or just want to please your mother, you can wear a closed toe shoe for the ceremony and then switch to a more fashionable strappy shoe for the reception.
Q. I have been looking everywhere for flat, silver leather, strappy sandals for a wide foot for summer for under $45. But I can’t find any that aren’t gladiator or thong style. I want a casual sandal that I can still dress up if needed. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Wow, that’s a tall (or wide) order - flat, silver, wide, not a thong or gladiator and under $45. We did find several silver wide options at and, but none that fit all of your parameters. You may have to raise your price range or opt for a slightly higher heel to find a silver shoe that fits your wide foot. Here are some of the best we’ve found:

9994-668912-d.jpg 8521-718407-d.jpg 3279-401130-d.jpg 9994-637646-d.jpg
Shoes_iAEC1092238.jpg shoes_iaec1110075.jpg Shoes_iAEC1087312.jpg Shoes_iAEC1088463.jpg
1. Fitzwell Charlotte, $79 at
2. Vigotti Nora, $89 at
3. Bouquets Newport, $70 at
4. J. Reneé Desna, $109 at
5. Touch Ups Women’s Melanie, $40.99 at
6. Gretta Women’s Gilda, $44 at
7. Touch Ups Women’s Lynn, $51.99 at
8. Touch Ups Women’s Gemini, $58.99 at
Q. I recently bought a pair of really cute yellow flats on a whim, but now they’re collecting dust inside my closet because I can’t find anything to wear with them. Could you recommend something?

Q. I recently received a cute Italian leather purse, which I love…the problem is, it’s yellow. I’ve tried to add it to outfits, but always end up leaving it behind for something less vibrant. What can I wear with it this summer and can I carry it into fall as well?

yellowbag.pngA. Kudos to both of you for choosing yellow accessories, one of our favorite looks this summer! Whether it’s a pair of yellow shoes or a yellow handbag, you can wear it with so much more than you might think (just not together please - matching yellow shoes and handbags are just too much!) For the most part, you can wear yellow with pretty much anything - navy, denim, white, brown, red, orange and sometimes even black.

Check out some of the looks on these pages for some examples of accessorizing with yellow:

As you can see, we’re really loving yellow this season. And the best part? You can wear your yellow shoes and handbags through the fall.
_5580239.jpgQ. First, I LOVE your site!! I just bought this dress in navy. Navy is a tough color. What type and color shoe can I wear to keep it elegant and fashionable for an evening summer cocktail party. I love the dress but the color is difficult. I like navy and camel but would that work?

A. Cute dress! Navy looks especially chic this season and finding the right color shoe is not as daunting as you might think. I’m not sure if camel would be my first choice for evening; instead, look for black, silver, light neutrals and more. Red can also be a fun choice if you’re feeling bold. Here are a few options ranging from simple and subtle to statement-making, depending on your mood:
Q. Do you have any suggestions for some fun, stylish walking shoes? I live in NYC and walk my dog frequently in Central Park. I’m finding that my old stand-by shoes - Pumas, one of the older styles - don’t look quite right when I’m wearing cropped pants in the summer and flip flops don’t work either. My dog enjoys walking and running off the sidewalk so maximum foot coverage is probably best. Any ideas on some sporty shoes that would work in the summer?

A. You and me both, trekking around the city with our pooches. A girl needs to weather the hard city streets, a chance to enjoy the green grass in the park and still look slightly stylish. I am hooked on the Cole Haan Air Brea ballet flats as my substitute for sneakers and I found some other choices that are pulling me nearly as strong as my dog when she sees another cute pooch she has to meet or actually sniff.

10101-636347-d.jpg 9755-620234-d.jpg 9994-620850-d.jpg 916112_fpx.jpg alkngshs.jpg
1. Privo Tidal, $89 at
2. Cole Haan Air Billie Mary Jane, $149 at
3. Cole Haan Remy Ballet, $149 at
4. Cole Haan Women’s “Air Bria” Woven Ballet Flats, $150 at
5. Naturalizer Cresson, $69 at

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