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69196 Gr7216Q. I am going to be married in the near future (we are considering eloping, so it’s a bit casual). To that end, I picked up the J. Crew whitney silk faille dress in pale green and am trying to figure out how to accessorize it. I’m thinking strappy heels and some sort of wrap with dangly earrings, but I’m not sure what to do color-wise since the dress is a light sage green color and I don’t particularly want to wear white with it. Would metallic sandals work? Where would I look for something like this (especially as I tend to need a 12W)?
-Wedding Shoe Woes

A. Just because you’re considering eloping doesn’t mean your wedding attire has to be casual.  It’s your day to shine whether it’s walking down the aisle at the Little White Chapel in Vegas, with your closest family on a hilltop in Hawaii or having a small gathering at an intimate restaurant.   

Shopping for a larger size shoe can frustrating since many designers do not produce larger sizes and when they do, they produce fewer styles and stores buy smaller amounts of the styles compared to sizes 7 and 8. It may take a little more sleuthing to find a stylish heel that accompanies the chartreuse dress, but my suggestions lean towards a metallic heel and these shoe picks all come in your size:


Special Occasions ‘Coco’ 
$143 at


Annie Selena 
$58.95 at 


J. Renee ‘Inga’ Sandal
$82.85 at

Q. I just bought a pair of brown and off-white plaid capris and an off-white sweater to wear with them.  My dilemma is the shoes…what kind of shoes can I wear with them?  And do tights look ok with them?
-Putting My Best Foot Forward

A. I’m not a big fan of capris during the winter months unless they’re a true cropped pant or gaucho that you can wear with knee high boots, in which case you’ve got many choices. Unless they’re a short length, stick with flats, wedges and kitten heels - and preferably worn with bare legs.

Steve Madden Sybel
$63.95 at

165461Seychelles ´Habit Forming´ Pump
$74.95 at

Taryn Rose Bijou Flat
$380 at

Q. I just bought a pair of platform-wedge espadrilles that lace up the ankle with grosgrain ribbons. They’re lovely, I just can’t figure out how to tie them! I have small ankles and tying the ribbon into a bow looks hilariously floppy. Is it OK to just tie a knot? In front or back? Is there some other clever way to fasten them? Help! You’re the best!
-Tie it Up

A. I bought some wedge espadrilles last summer and waited two months after their purchase to finally put them on due to the tie-up issue.  Every time I put them on, I felt a little silly.  Ultimately, I wrapped them criss cross style around my leg and tied them in a bow in the back of my calf and skipped (sort of) out the door to receive many compliments.  Try tying them as expected and end with a bow, which you can double knot, so the bow appears smaller on the back of your calf (and so you don’t feel like a 5 year old with a bow in the front.) You can knot the ribbons if you wish, but you may end up with long dangling ribbons, risking the chance of stepping on them and tripping.

Q. I love leopard print shoes, but have no idea how to wear them. I work in an office, but don’t know how to wear them so that they aren’t too showy or inappropriate. How can I work this?

Sp05f2677cA. Isn’t the idea of wearing leopard print shoes a chance to add a little panache to your outfit? Simple tips for wearing your leopard shoes in a professional office:

  1. Don’t wear other animal prints
  2. Keep the rest of your outfit classic
  3. Don’t wear more than one other pattern or print
  4. Don’t be shy about showing off your style

A pair of animal print shoes can make a classic outfit like a black or chocolate suit look more stylish.  And don’t assume that your top has to be white—choose other colors like burgundy, deep green, bronze, black or chocolate in silky blouses with a bit of shine.

Check out some of our favorite animal print pieces

Q. What color shoe should I wear with Winter White pants?
-Shoe Color Confusion

A. Play off the color of your top or jacket.  White is a neutral so anything will work, but keep it toned down.  If you’re wearing winter white from head to toe, then look for caramel, latte, soft metallic pinks, pale autumnal colors, even opt for patterns like animal print or plaid. Of course, black and winter white is always a chic combination. Some suggestions:

827184452dClaudia Ciuti Rum
$285.95 at


Vigotti R1969
$37.95 at

Giuseppe Zanotti
E5703 Pump
$185.95 at

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