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AsosQ. I live in a cold climate that guarantees snow from October through April.  I need a good pair of boots (usually two) to get me through the winter season.  Usually I purchase flat black ankle boots and sexier high-heeled black knee high boots for skirts or my longer pants when I need some lift.  However, seeing the new fall boot styles (like in your fall shoe guide), I’m thinking of branching out.  Most of the fabulous fall knee high boots are so pretty, it seems a shame to cover them up with pants. How do I wear these lovely boots?  Is it acceptable to tuck my jeans in them to show them off? Or am I still supposed to wear them completely under the pant leg?  I’m especially interested in those cozy casual boots!
- Boot Camp

A. That’s what is so fun about boot-wearing this season, you can wear your boots both ways.  Pants tucked into your boots look hip and cool, while long pants worn over the boots so just the front of the boots show is sleek and chic.  Be sure to choose a skinnier-style pant when tucking in (no loose fit or flared styles). To keep pants inside your boots wear socks that are tall enough and thin enough to fold and tuck your pants or jeans into.  You can also find many textured and colorful socks to fold up over the top of your boots to add even more style.

shown right: Faux Fur Collar Stilleto Boots, $66.50 at

Q. I have homecoming in a couple weeks and I bought a chocolate brown dress with gold sparkles and I was wondering what color heels I should wear?
-Color Curious

A. Simple answer - gold. Metallic will always dazzle ‘em.  Trying to find the right hued brown heels can lead to a frustrating and endless search. Look fab in gold and wear gold dangling earrings or carry a small gold clutch.  You can find plenty of inexpensive styles these days:

RSVP Gold Metallic
$69.95 at


Nine West Accolia
$72.95 at

Q. I have to attend a trade show next month for 5 days!! Each day I will be on my feet for what seems like an eternity and possibly will be.  I want to find shoes that aren’t frumpy, go with multiple outfits, don’t cost an arm and leg and if possible, not flat – is that too much to ask? And ideas?
-Heel Comfort

A. It’s not a lot to ask that shoes be comfortable and still be stylish especially when many of us spend all day on our feet.  My favorite designers that always seem to have extra padding built in or even air cushioning are Aerosoles for super affordable style and Cole Haan for high end quality. I wore a pair of open toe high heels from Aerosoles recently while hosting an event.  I didn’t get to park my butt for five hours and when I finally did sit, it wasn’t due to an aching lower back.  I never would have lasted that long in my Manolo Blahniks! Cole Haan not only offers extra padding, but they’ve also teamed up with Nike for some of their styles to add air cushioning.  To help stave off the pain in your feet, calves, and lower back consider switching off between cushioned flats like a stylish driving moc and low heels.

Here are some suggestions:

Aerosoles Sleek Preview
$69 at

Aerosoles Pretty Gritty
$29 at


Cole Haan
Air Bronte Moc
$175 at

Q. I have never worn rain boots and am not sure how to wear them? Do you keep your shoes on underneath?  Do you carry your shoes in a bag and change them out when you get to your destination?
-Puddle Jumper

A. Most rain boots for women range from fun and funky to conservative and work-a-day.  The rain boots we girls wear are not your granddad’s rubber slip-ons that covered his wingtips.  These are rubber boots that you’ll actually look forward to wearing on rainy days.  They brighten your mood and you’ll be singin’ in the rain as you splash through puddles to return home with warm, dry feet. Many are fashionable enough to wear all day long, though if your office is conservative, I would recommend bringing a change of shoe for indoors.

Below are a few options, and be sure to check out our recent Rain Boot style recipe.

Sigerson Morrison
Wing Tip Knee Highs
$151.95 at

Gabriella Rocha
Tall Argyle Boot
$65.95 at

Emilio Pucci
Rain Boot
$145 at


Q. I have a navy pinstripe pants suit and a navy skirt suit.  Navy shoes are hard to find right now!  Is it okay to wear black with navy?  I thought I read somewhere a while ago that this is okay.
-Navy or Not

A. Wearing black with navy is usually the best option since trying to match the right hue of navy clothes with navy shoes can be exasperating.  Also consider colors like olive green or burgundy to give the outfit more stylish sophistication.

CARLOS by Carlos Santana Sizzle
$117.95 at


BOSS Hugo Boss 91255
$147.95 at

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