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Q. I have a beautiful pair of black patent leather pumps that I wore a bit in the spring and not much in the summer. Can I wear them in the fall and winter? If so, what kind of hose? It would be too cold to go bare legged and I don’t think I’d like black tights with the patent leather.


A. You absolutely can wear patent leather in the fall, in fact, you can wear your patent pumps year round. As for hosiery, black tights are a natural fit for your black patent pumps, you can also try a print or patterned tight like lace.

Q. I just bought a pair of brown topsiders, and I have no idea what to wear them with. I’m not actually particularly preppy, and I feel like a poser in a polo and khaki shorts… any outfit ideas I can incorporate these shoes into?

A. Boat shoes (or topsiders) are making a comeback this season, along with the ladylike loafer. Of course they look great with nautical-inspired clothing (see Blake Lively below), but the trick to wearing your new topsiders in a non-preppy way is to wear them with anything you might wear with a ballet flat: skinny or cropped pants, short skirts, and even summery dresses like the Karen Walker runway look below.


In addition to the traditional brown topsiders you bought, there are plenty of fun colors and even wedge styles available this season. Here are some of our favorite boat shoes worth trying:

Q. Now that spring is here, can I wear sandals to work?

A. The rules vary from office to office, so it’s important to look to your coworkers, and more importantly, your boss, before deciding if sandals are appropriate for the office. In general, sandals are a big no-no in a corporate office, stylish sandals are typically ok for a casual or creative office, and flip flops and gladiator sandals are generally not appropriate. Here’s a breakdown of some of this season’s top shoe styles and whether they can be worn to work or not.

Peep Toe Pump

A peep toe pump is typically appropriate for all but the most corporate of offices. If you’re unsure if a peep toe is acceptable, then opt for a closed toe pump in a pretty spring-worthy color instead.

Slingback Pump

Slingbacks are making a comeback and offer the perfect compromise between a pump and a sandal, with no toe exposure. This style is appropriate for virtually every office.

Heeled Sandal

A tasteful heeled sandal that isn’t too sexy or strappy is appropriate for many offices, especially a casual or creative work place. We suggest looking to your superiors before opting for this type of shoe.

Wedge Sandal

A wedge sandal typically follows the same office rules as the heeled sandal, unless your wedge is an espadrille, raffia or cork wedge, then see below.

Espadrille or Cork Wedge

Espadrilles and cork wedges tend to have a breezy, summery look to them and are best left for casual offices only.

Flat Sandal

There are many types of flat sandals with varying degrees of acceptance at work. A simple elegant pair like the one shown here can be worn to a casual or creative office, while a very bare sandal or casual gladiator-type sandal is often too casual for work. Use your best judgment here, and if still unsure, save them for the weekend.

Flip Flops

Flip flops, or any other shoe you would wear to the beach, is never appropriate for work (unless you’re a lifeguard!)

And remember, if you do choose to wear sandals to work, be sure your toes are properly pedicured!

For more spring shoe ideas, check out 20 perfect work shoes.

Q. I have a short, almost pencil, skirt that is oriental print. The main color is a wine or burgundy color with golds, deep pinks and another brighter wine or burgundy color. My question is, what color shoes to wear with the skirt? I was thinking a nude shoe but I’m not sure and open to other options. For an upcoming event I plan on wearing the skirt with a cream light blousy shirt tucked into the skirt. Any feedback would be much appreciated!


A. Without seeing the actual skirt, it’s difficult to choose the perfect shoe, however, you cannot go wrong with a nude pump. In fact, it sounds like a nude shoe would be the perfect option for your floral skirt and light cream blouse pairing. Not only will a nude heel work with this look, but just about anything else in your wardrobe as well, so you will certainly get a lot of wear from them. Not to mention the fact that a nude heel helps to make your legs look miles long. As an alternate to a nude shoe, you can try picking up some of the gold or pink tones from the skirt.

Here are some great nude shoes worth investing in:

Q. I’m not sure what shoes to wear with my skinny jeans when I’ll be walking around the city. Are sneakers ok to wear? What suggestions to you have for shoes that are comfy and made for lots of walking to wear with skinny jeans?

A. You have several comfortable options for spring to wear with your skinny jeans. A comfortable ballet flat would be my first preference as it is far more versatile than a sneaker, allowing you to look a little more polished as you go throughout the day. However, if you do opt for a sneaker, a pair of classic Converse always looks cute -and much more stylish than a pair of sneakers that you might wear to the gym. A flat sandal or even a comfortable low wedge can be a great option for city walking as well. Here are some comfortable, but chic, styles to wear with your skinnies this season:

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