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Q. I am 5 feet and I love the Christian Louboutin platform mary jane! I am petite and curvy very similiar to Kim Kardashian. I was wondering if it will make me look shorter, even if they are 6.5 inches high?? Please help!

CL-mary-janes.jpgA. The platform Christian Louboutin is quite a shoe! I would be more worried about whether I could walk in them than if they made me look short, but that’s just me. Your instincts are correct that an ankle strap or mary jane style is typically not the best choice for petite women, however, the CL shoe has several things going for it that should make it a flattering option for you. Along with the super-high heel and platform, the strap hits lower on your instep, so they won’t visually shorten your legs the way other mary janes or ankle strap shoes will.


You didn’t mention which color you are interested in, but I would suggest a neutral or nude color, rather than black, which will really flatter your legs and make them appear longer. I’ve selected several platform mary janes below that look very similar to the Louboutin versions, without the $1000 price tag.

Q. I loved the Clarks Indigo booties that were recommended on your site for a winter shoe. I would like something similar for spring, but with spring details (maybe open toe). I would wear them mostly with jeans or cargos. Can you recommend something comfortable, but stylish for a 40 year old mom-on-the-go? Love your site!


A. I’m so glad you liked your Clarks booties as much as I did this winter! Though they have a heel, they proved to be very comfortable for me as well. For spring, I’ll be replacing my suede booties with a wedge espadrille that has enough of a heel to make my legs look longer, while still being comfortable and manageable for this woman on-the-go (yours truly). Don’t let the platforms scare you, they are far more comfortable than you think, thanks to rubber soles, and the heels feel lower than they look.

Espadrilles look fantastic with jeans and cargos, not to mention shorts and dresses. And if you opt for a neutral color, they can be worn with everything. Here are some great picks to consider making your go-to spring/summer shoe:

Q. I recently bought a long navy skirt from Anthropologie that I plan to pair with a tank and flower belt in the summer. I was surprised that at 5’2” I could pull this look off but the darting and flowiness of the skirt work on me. Plus, I plan to wear the belt at my natural waist to make my legs seem even longer. However, I am confused about what shoes to wear. I don’t want to pair it with flats because I am afraid that it would look dowdy. I am not sure that I should introduce gold or silver gladiators to the look either. Do you have any suggestions? Please note that I am a mom chasing around my 9-month-year old so I can’t really rock stilettos but I am open to a comfortable wedge or short heel.

A. One of this season’s top trends, the maxi skirt, looks great worn with platform sandals in the spring and summer. Whether you prefer a high wedge or one of the new “flatform” low wedge styles, here are some options to pair with your new skirt:


Q. After what feels like the 100th snowstorm this winter, I have come to the conclusion that my winter boots just aren’t cutting it. I need something that’s cute, warm and waterproof. Any suggestions?


A. Though it might seem late in the season to buy a good pair of snow boots, it’s actually the perfect time. Just about everything is on sale, and whatever you buy this year, you’ll certainly wear next year and for years after that. So buy the best quality boot you can afford, it will be worth it! Below is a selection of stylish and functional winter boots that will almost have you wishing for the next snowfall.

PG.NWEASYCOOL.DBRBKSU.PD.jpgQ. I am in need of some assistance with a fabulous pair of shoes that I found (Nine West Easycool Suede Peep Toe Platform Slingbacks)! Following my passion, I ordered first and thought about what to wear with them later! This usually works out just fine, as I LOVE building outfits around shoes. However, this time I am perplexed! They fall into that “this used to be a fashion no-no, but now is totally acceptable” category…they are two tone black and brown!! HELP! Do I wear black…brown…bright colors?? I usually do not have a hard time, but this one has me feeling very unsure of my style credentials!!! Also, I would love ideas for any season! Since they are peep toe I would totally rock them in the winter with some cute tights.

A. No need to fret, my dear, your shoes were not only a chic purchase, but a wise one! Black and brown is indeed an acceptable combination (as is black and navy!), and finding a pair of shoes that combines both colors opens up a wide array of color options to pair with them. Besides the obvious of wearing them with black and shades of brown, these will look great with purple, red, orange, pink, tan and more. They will work with pretty much any color you would typically pair with brown or black shoes.

As for wearing tights with these peep-toes, I would recommend opting for black tights since this is the color that surrounds the toe area. If you’re feeling daring, though, feel free to wear bright tights, too!

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