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Q. Are pleated skirts out of style?


A. Pleated skirts are most definitely still in style. The most ubiquitous silhouettes this season are pleated full skirts and short “skater” style skirts. Whether you wear one of these or a more traditional pleated skirt, try tucking in a tank or button down shirt, or pair it with a jacket, cardigan or blazer. Here are some looks for inspiration:

Q. Are oversized clutches still in for Spring/Summer 2010? I recently bought a gray clutch with zipper details, what can I wear it with for both everyday wear and going out?

A. Though the oversized clutch isn’t on everyone’s top 10 list this season, you can absolutely still wear yours without fear of being a fashion victim. An oversized gray clutch can be worn with virtually any look this spring, day or night. Some favorite options: with a feminine floral dress; with a pretty printed blouse and skinny jeans; a boyfriend blazer and a printed full skirt… you get the idea, pretty much any look works!


Q. I’d like to go green for St. Patrick’s Day and was wondering if there were any rules on wearing green and mixing greens. I heard green is a trend for spring, so how can I wear green fashionably?

A. I’ve never been one to wear green on St. Patty’s Day, but lucky for you, it is a big trend for spring! We’re seeing everything from pale pastel and jewel tones to blue-green marine hues and military olives. I do love to see different shades of green mixed together, but it is not an easy look to wear head-to-toe. Try mixing in gold, copper, yellow, blue, nude and more to blend with your greens. Here are some gorgeous green pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe, for March 17th and beyond:


005_primary.jpgQ. Do you think that a woman of age 65 should wear a strapless dress? is there an age limit? I look good, no flap or sagging arms, my husband also agrees.

A. If you feel good in a strapless dress, and the style is age appropriate, then go for it! I found this photo on which shows how sophisticated a strapless dress can look on someone over 50.

Q. I’ve seen Dolman sleeve tops and dresses everywhere this season, but I’m not convinced that they’d be flattering. Can a petite woman (5’) with a larger chest (34D) get away with so much extra fabric under the arms?


A. Dolman sleeves are a big trend this season, but they can be tricky to wear for petite women or women with full busts. However, you don’t need to avoid this trend completely. Dolman sleeves vary in size from giant batwing styles to more subtle kimono sleeves. Generally, you should opt for sleeves with a smaller drape. It’s also important to consider the neckline; look for v-necks and scoop necks which are more flattering for a large chest than a higher neckline. Finally, you may find that a short sleeve or 3/4 sleeve is more flattering than a long dolman sleeve. 

A high neckline and exaggerated sleeves are not the best option for a petite or large busted figure
Better choices are smaller dolman sleeves with v-necks or scoop necks:

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