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r47p26y.jpg.gifQ. I own a pair of PRPS bootcut jeans and I’m 5’6”. I can’t figure out what to do with the long inseam issue. I don’t want to get them altered because it would destroy the look of the jean. I tried wearing 4” heels and the legs still are too long. Is it appropriate to fold them up a bit and still wear with boots or is that tacky?

A. Cuffing a pair of bootcut jeans isn’t tacky, but it can be tricky. You can try doing a wide cuff to see how it looks, as long as it looks neat you can “shorten” your jeans using this method without looking like a fashion victim. However, since you already own the jeans, they aren’t worth anything to you if you don’t wear them. We suggest taking them to a good tailor and having the minimum amount of length hemmed - an inch or two shouldn’t have a major impact on the silhouette of the jean. Be sure to ask your tailor to use the original hem of the jean for the best look.

right: Prps Daytona Bootcut Jean,

Q. I am over 60 but wear a size 4 petite. I have purchased a pair of black leggings and have not worn them yet because there is nothing worse (in my opinion) than not dressing for your age. I have two long tunic blouses - one that I purchased a few years ago in Paris and love and another one that I purchased recently. I have always worn the first with pants but would love to change the look. My question is- am I too old to wear leggings? I paired the outfit with some flats and it looked cute, but I am thinking maybe for an evening out at a restaurant rather than a day outfit. I live in a college town and do not want to look ridiculous! Am I wrong?

A. There’s no doubt that leggings are a huge trend this season. On the runways we saw everything from basic black to shredded and studded styles paired with pumps and ankle booties. However, leggings do have a place in a more sophisticated and classic wardrobe.

Start with a basic pair of leggings in a substantial knit fabric (no thin hosiery leggings) and dark color - forego this season’s embellished or patterned styles. Wear them with a pretty tunic blouse or sweater paired with a gorgeous flat or knee high boot. Here are two sophisticated and age appropriate looks to wear day or night:

Q. I’ve been seeing a lot of tie-dye skinny jeans on my favorite clothing websites. At first, I thought it was kinda ridiculous, but I must admit that it’s growing on me. Should I splurge and buy into this trend, or is it something that only celebrities can really pull off successfully?

A. The news is that bleached and tie-dyed denim will be around for at least another season, having popped up on a few of the spring 2010 runways. So if you’re digging the look, go for it, and pair them with everything from boyfriend blazers to chunky knit sweaters. And, there’s no need to splurge with these options under $100:

Q. Will boyfriend blazers be in style during the fall?

A. The answer is a resounding YES! If you were lucky enough to buy a boyfriend blazer in the spring, then you’re all set. If not here are a few options for you in every price range:


Q. I have been eyeing a metallic tote to add some dimension to my mostly neutral wardrobe. Would a metallic tote look out of season in the winter? Thanks so much for your help! I love your website!

A. While not as “hot’ as they have been in past seasons, there are many gorgeous metallic handbags out there right now. They can absolutely be worn in the winter and are great for brightening up a neutral wardrobe. Another handbag color to consider is red. Not only is red super hot this season, but it’s a classic color that is ideal for adding dimension to a neutral wardrobe since it pairs well with so many colors. Here are some tote options for you to consider:


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