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Q I just bought a wonderful black sequin jacket at a great price. Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure what to wear it with! Is it possible to wear it with something besides formal clothes?

940378_fpx.jpgA. You can absolutely wear your sequin jacket with casual clothes - in fact, we encourage it! Pair it with a pretty feminine top or even a simple tank and jeans for a casual chic look. Take inspiration from the Iisli Women’s “Tiffany” Lace Cotton Blazer shown here (from to see how great a plain white tee and dark jeans look with the sparkly blazer. Try it also with a day dress or even a pair of man-tailored trousers for some more dressy/daytime pairings.

Q. Do you have any suggestions for “spicing up” a very boring maternity wardrobe? I am seven months pregnant, and so bored with the styles. Any help would be great!!

A. Unless you’re lucky enough to have that famed pregnant glow, it’s usually somewhere around the seventh month that women start to feel big, uncomfortable and just plain “blah”. Of course this carries over to your appearance and feeling uninspired by your maternity wardrobe is quite common. Since you have only a few months left to go, it doesn’t make sense to invest in expensive maternity pieces that you’ll get very few wearings from.

Instead, add some spice to your maternity wardrobe with accessories: a gorgeous statement necklace, head-turning handbag, a fresh scarf or even some great shoes (comfortable, natch). These will freshen up the clothes you already have and can be worn long after the baby arrives. Here are a few ideas for you (click on each for store info):

170251_6613.jpgQ. I just bought a pair of lovely leather gray boots. I know it is a neutral color, but I am surprisingly having a difficult time matching it with other colors. Does it work with black leggings? Would it look to harsh with dark indigo jeans? A bright colored top or neutral color? Ahhh, help me!

A. You’re right, it’s a neutral, so you can wear it with just about anything. Your black leggings and dark indigo jeans would look fabulous, as would a lighter jean, cranberry tights, purple dress, red top, pale pink sweater, etc. In other words, wear them with dark colors, bright colors, pale colors - anything!

Q. I heard that satin will no longer be in this summer, I recently bought and already own a few satin tops that are really cute and I can combine with several other clothing items. Can I still wear them and not look outdated? Please advise…

A. Of course you can wear satin this summer! Don’t worry so much about what is “in” or “out” - if you love something and feel good in it, then wear it. Yes, fashion can be fickle, but other than super trendy items, most items (and fabrics) can be worn for years without going out of style. In the case of your satin tops, it is more about the silhouette of the items than the fabric when considering whether they are stylish or not.

Here are several pretty satin tops to wear now, this summer and for years to come:

Q. I purchased a vintage-looking black two-button leather blazer that looked cute online, but when I tried it on, it made me look a bit too “mature” (I’m 28 and I wear a size 8)…what (if anything) can I wear with it to make it look trendy and more updated?

A. Great purchase! A vintage-inspired leather jacket is a great investment piece that you’ll wear for years. Take your cue from the looks shown here to wear yours in a modern, youthful way:

You’ll notice that all of the above looks include a v-neck or scoop neck underpinning. Generally, this gives the jacket a more flattering and young look than a turtleneck or high crew neck underpinning would.

Try pairing your leather jacket with:

  • a pencil skirt and ankle boots
  • a flirty, feminine dress
  • a fitted tee or tank, skinny jeans and knee boots, ankle boots or even ballet flats. Add a loosely wrapped scarf for an added layer of chic
  • a tank top, boot cut jeans and ankle boots

Also, try pushing your sleeves up a little for the latest “boyfriend” jacket look

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