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9755-556367-d.jpgQ. I just bought a cute orange patent leather Jessica Simpson bag at a great price but I am not sure if the color will still be “in” for the fall.

A. Whether it’s a bright orange or a fall-like burnt orange, we say YES! Wear your patent purchase proudly.

(check out this orange clutch shown in a Fall runway show that we recently wrote about)
Q. For the past 4 years I have been having a fashion dilemma! I am 22- years-old and slim and fit, yet I have large thighs that do NOT look so hot in shorts or skirts. I don’t know what to wear to be both fashionable and figure flattering. It is so frustrating to see all of these skinny girls with tiny thighs! Can you help me look great this summer and into the fall!?!?

A. Shorts can be difficult for women with large thighs, I agree, but don’t eschew skirts so quickly! A-line and full shaped skirts and dresses are the ultimate way to conceal large thighs. Since the rest of you is slim, flaunt it! Wear your skirts and dresses with belts to show off a slim waist and wear heels to show off toned calves. Done right, no one will have any idea what size your thighs are. For pants, look for slightly wideleg pants and bootcut styles that are fitted through the hip. Always avoid tapered styles and skinny jeans.

Here are a few thigh flattering silhouettes from to use as inspiration:

1. Silk georgette printed dress, $175 
2. Pleated full skirt, $64
3. Classic dark wash button-tab trouser jean, $98
lgdnmover_circl.gifQ. I recall seeing recently in a magazine (and now cannot find) a product that clips up pants that are worn with heels to be able to wear them with flats or gym shoes. While this might not look fashionable, it would be helpful as I commute on public transportation to work, and am ruining both my feet (blisters!) and my good shoes.
-Long and Short

A. I believe you are referring to Zakkerz Temporary Pant Rollups which we wrote about last year. These should do the trick to keep your pants fresh on your commute. Or as a last resort, there is always fashion tape, (or double sided tape).
Q. I have a silk giraffe print tunic, but what do I wear on the bottom?

A. Living is easy this summer when you get to pull on a tunic, they’re comfortable and easy to wear as a dress (depending on the length), a cover up or with shorts or leggings. Pair your tunic with leggings and flat sandals, with shorts that show a few inches just below the tunic and wedges or add white trousers and a low slung belt around the tunic top and heels. Here are three ways to wear a tunic:

0458598922752_ASTL_300x400.jpg tartt2000722661_prod_medium_v1_m56577569831137139.jpg diavf2023121276_prod_medium_v1_m56577569831108236.jpg

1. with white slim pants and sandals (Tory Burch tunic,
2. with black leggings and flat sandals (Tart tunic,
3. with short shorts (Diane von Furstenberg tunic,
Q. Would you please clarify whether it is appropriate to wear white to a wedding? I have a dress that is cocktail length in white and has a black 6-inch lace band around the middle. I was planning to wear a black sheer jewel wrap and black shoes. The bride is wearing white and the wedding ceremony is not at a church, but at the reception hall.
- Guest in White

A. It’s always best to leave the focus in white on the bride. While your dress has a black band, it would still be better to wear any other color. And unfortunately the accessories are not distraction enough since you may remove the wrap for the festivities.

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