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Q. I’m 5’2, usually a size 2, and I’m trying to figure out what length of shorts or capris will be most flattering. I don’t want to look stumpy or shorter than I am. I think I have pretty nice legs for a 30 year old, but also want to dress appropriately for work, vacations, or for chasing around my infant son. - Short Sized

A. For petite gals like you, the longer the capri pants, the better. Look for styles that are straight leg styles, not wide, and that hit just above your ankle. This will still give the impression of length. I just picked up two bright pairs from Club Monaco, one teal and one red that can easily transition in look just by swapping flats for wedge sandals at night. They are an ideal length and style.

As for shorts, skip the long styles and choose shorter lengths, specifically ones that have 3-5” inseams or ones that stop at mid thigh. If you have good legs, then don’t cover them up with Bermuda or walking shorts since those will just stunt your height. If you intend to wear shorts to work, then opt for a mid thigh pair and be sure to pair the shorts with a conservative top like a button down shirt tucked in and a fitted cotton or linen blazer.

89706_WT0002_m_SU08.jpg 911837_fpx.jpg 88756_BR1160_m_SU08.jpg

1. Petite city-fit stretch chino café capri, $79.50 at 2. Theory Women’s Whythe Radar Ankle Pants, $215 at 3. Chino 5” short, $39.50 at
Q. You’ve been a big help before, now I’m wondering what to wear for an internship in downtown Washington DC this summer. They have told me that business casual is the norm for the office but I’m wondering what that exactly entails. Are open toed sandals normally okay? I’m a big fan of printed skirts, can one of those be worn?
-Business Curious

A. Generally, a company that says business causal is not expecting you to wear a conservative business suit. This will give you more stylish options. Printed skirts paired with flattering tops are an ideal fashion choice for your internship. And open toed sandals should be fine, but perhaps wear a pump or peep toe the first day and take a look at the staff to get a sense of what the rest of the team is wearing. If you have any questions always look to a stylishly dressed superior for company policy guidance.

Here are a few business casual looks from

93615_WB5835_m_SU08.jpg 95143_KD8277_o_SU08.jpg 94904_PK5561_o_SU08.jpg 93452_NA6434_m_SU08.jpg

Q. I have really enjoyed the new abundance of navy items in stores lately and particularly love to wear my low navy wedge/peep-toes with my jeans because they create such a long, lean look for my petite frame. However, the shoes are suede and I live in south Florida. Every time I put them on I wonder if they’re appropriate for summer in our very warm climate. Is suede a summer-appropriate finish? If not, can you recommend some cute shoes with a slight heel in navy that would work with my jeans? I love the Tory Burch navy flat, but that’s just it- they’re flat! I need a boost for my short self.
- Need a Navy Lift

A. Suede in the south Florida heat can be a bit of an irony in your wardrobe, but many designers have offered lighter colors in suede sandals for summer like powder blue, orange, etc. Since yours are navy, I’d suggest shopping for a navy wedge in another fabric for those 90-degree days and keep the suede for those slightly lower temps in October for when it’s a “chilly” 70 degrees. I found a few wedges that should keep you looking long and lean in your jeans.


1. Fitzwell Anaya, $69 at
2. Sam Edelman’s Women’s Finny, $79.99 at

Q. Can I wear a linen jacket with any material skirt or pants?
- Linen Pairings

A. Linen is specifically a warm weather material that should only be paired with lighter or thinner fabrics like other cottons and silk and some rayons, but definitely not wool.

Q. I am 46 years old. Can I wear a long sleeve black blouse made of rayon/spandex to a birthday party when the weather turns warm? What would be a good color for pants and shoes?
- Black in Spring

A. Black is never out of fashion or stuck in one season, however many of us just excited to embrace color once the weather gets warmer. So if it is a tres chic top then wear it to the party. And pair it with a black pants and a colorful beaded necklace, or a white and black print skirt for a bold expression. Add metallic heels to complete the party look.

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