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Q. How long can you wear boots for into spring?
-Boots On

A. While I’ve been surprised to see women wearing boots in 95 degree heat in Florida and California in the summer (how stinky and sweaty!), I still have high fashion hopes that most women know that boots are for cooler temperatures. Typically, the season is late September through March.  You can squeeze in April if your city gets hit with the occasional freak snowstorm or cold snap.

Q. I am hoping you can give me some guidance here. I wear shoes of varying heel heights from flats to 4.5 inches. Is there a length of pant or jean hem that will work for any height heel? I’d like the option of wearing all of my jeans and pants with any of my shoes.
-Flats to Stilettos

A. Ahhh the conundrum of jeans. Unfortunately, there’s no perfect length that will give us the option of wearing both heels and flats. My skinny jeans work with flats, my AG’s are long enough for heels, my Citizens of Humanity can be worn with some heels, but still scrape the ground if I wear sandals. And then there’s the Anlo trousers, the lighter wash Club Monaco’s, my off white Paige Premiums that are too long for flip flops, etc.

The majority of us take so much time finding the right pair of jeans, owning several pairs designated for specific “jobs” and hemmed accordingly. Trouser styles look best with stylish shoes that have a slight to higher heel, so skip the flip-flops. If you love two pairs of dark denim, plan one pair for heels and high heeled sandals for evening and one pair that works with ballet flats or casual flat sandals. Light colored jeans are usually casual so you’ll wear those with cute kicks and flats or flip-flops. I know it can be frustrating, but realize the bonus that jeans have evolved to cross into all fashion forays from work to play to evening.

Q. I know that rain boots are in season right now, but is it okay to still wear them when it is NOT raining?
-No Puddles

A. All those colorful, printed, patterned rain boots were designed to make splashing through puddles more fun on a dreary day. To wear a rain boot when it’s not raining means choosing a boot that doesn’t scream "rain boot."  Look for boots that have minimal details that are stylish enough to pair with pieces in your wardrobe, while still blending with your outerwear. I dig these four styles for their fashionable to rugged looks. And remember in the winter months to wear a warmer sock since rubber doesn’t offer much insulation.

Plask W6628-471460-DLa Canadienne
DorinaAquatalia by Marvin K. Nasty

1. Tretorn Plask W, $129 at
2. Sporto Lani, $68.95 at
3. La Canadienne Dorina, $258.95 at
4. Aquatalia by Marvin K. Nasty, $370 at

Cardigan Options

Q. I’m a 29-year-old attorney who loves cardigans!  I just went on a cardigan buying spree at J. Crew and now I own three more cardigans but they all have a three-quarter length sleeve.  Since it’s winter and I live in New York, I don’t want to wear a cami or a short sleeve blouse with them…  Can I wear a long sleeve button down shirt instead or are long sleeves a no-no?
-Long or Short

A. Long Sleeves are definitely a yes with a 3/4 sleeve cardigan. It can be especially chic with a pop of color like a shiny silk blouse or a patterned top. Generally, you should opt for a thin fabric so you don’t add unnecessary bulk underneath the cardigan.  Some suggestions:

Aqua Ruffle Front Bow BlouseCarte Blanche by Anja Flynt Long Sleeve Button Front Tunic in IvoryRag & Bone Wrap Neck BlouseMunthe Plus Simonsen Rosalina Tunic

1. Aqua Ruffle Front Bow Blouse, $31.20 (sale) at
2. Carte Blanche by Anja Flynt Long Sleeve Button Front Tunic in Ivory, $235 at
3. Rag & Bone Wrap Neck Blouse, $168 (sale) at
4. Munthe Plus Simonsen Rosalina Tunic, $175 (sale) at

Q. I really like the look of tucking my jeans into my boots.  However, whenever I try to do this I think it just looks wrong.  I feel like I always end up with a bulge from the jeans (even with my skinny jeans). Is there a correct way to get the look?  Also what boot do you recommend to achieve this look?
-Baggy Knees

 Images 200 3711A. We all have that same issue. Usually it’s easier with skinny jeans, but the moment we sit down and get comfortable the jeans start rising in our boots and suddenly it’s baggy jean syndrome when we stand. An old school trick that comes from the horsey set is to attach stretch clips under you foot to either side of your jeans to hold them down when you sit down or move around. It’s a way to get the look that comes from breeches without looking like a throwback from the ’80s. Check out for pant clips.

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