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Q. I live in the Boston Area and I found a cute pair of peep toe shoes. I was wondering if it’s still ok to wear peep toe in the Fall?
-Hide and Seek Feet

A.  This seems to be a very popular question lately, so let’s settle it once and for all: yes, you can wear your peep toes well into Fall and colder weather. Wear your legs bare until the temperatures drop and you get goose bumps and then slide on opaque tights and wear your peep toes into November and even December if the peep toes are a full pump and cover your foot everywhere else. Just be sure to wear opaque tights and not sheer hosiery and tuck the seams of the tights under your toes so they don’t show through the “hole.”

Formal Dress Code

Q. I have a black tie wedding in Chicago.  Do I have to wear a long dress?
-Formal Fear

A. Black tie does not require wearing a long gown anymore, but the invite does expect you to wear a sophisticated, elegant and feminine dress. Think upscale cocktail dress, with a hem that hits around the knee or just below it. Skip animal prints, white dresses, mini lengths, chunky jewelry and your everyday handbag. Carry a clutch, put on your best jewelry that works with the dress, pull on your heels, walk with good posture and smile often.

Seven For All Mankind
GINGER LIGHT WEIGHT MERCER TROUSER JEANSQ. I love the new high rise jeans.  The majority of those that I have found are trouser cut with wider legs. I live in my Minnetonkas, which look cute with the jeans, but living in Chicago, they aren’t going to cut it in the winter.  What type of shoes do you suggest I wear with them? 
-High Rise Wonder

A. The key is to keep the illusion of a long tall body even if you’re not model height.  Make sure your wide leg, high-waisted trousers are hemmed at a length that doesn’t drag on the ground or cover your foot completely, even when wearing boots or shoes. Keep your tops fitted, wear thinner layering pieces or belt cardigans at your waist.  Pair your new jeans with everything from heels and flats to boots. Of course, when you hem them, you’ll have to make a decision of which shoe you’ll wear most—flats or boots with a heel —since that will make the difference on the final length.

Seven for All Mankind Ginger Lightweight Mercer Trouser Jeans shown here with heels at the perfect length. $143 at

Q. I live in NJ and I am wondering if I can wear a pink suit in the fall?
-Pretty in Pink

A. Unless your suit is a lightweight wool or cashmere blend, then it’s time to break down the pieces and wear them as separates in the Fall. If it’s linen, then store until next Summer. Pair your jacket with grey or black pants or skirts - a pinstripe would be chic.  When the temps dip add a black, cream or grey sweater as your layering piece underneath. Your pink pants or skirt is a little trickier, so pair it with neutral dark tones again like black, grey, even chocolate thin knit tops or suit jackets depending on the pink tone.

Q. Can linen be worn all year long, or is it just a summer fabric? If the linen is a dark color such as black, does this make a difference?
-Linen Leary

A. Linen is strictly a summer fabric no matter what the color. So wear it when the weatherman claims humidity is high and the temps are sweltering. Your only reason to keep it in your closet for winter is if you take a trip to the Caribbean, Bora Bora, Fiji or somewhere where it’s hot while the snow is falling in the States.

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