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Q. Is it acceptable to wear “sandalfoot” hose with strappy sandals and a knee-length dress? I have a black-tie gala to attend but have shins that look like, well, (at 30 with 2 kids) I’ve been playing soccer with no shin-guards…should I go with the hose and sandals or go with a less-fancy black pump?
-Black and Blue Shins

A. I’m not a fan of hosiery in the summer. Would tinted body moisturizer help diminish the look of your bruised shins? If you choose hosiery, be sure it’s sheer sandalfoot and go for a transparent style or a sheer that matches your dress. Make sure any visible seams are tucked underneath your toes. And don’t wear too strappy a sandal that completely shows off the hosiery.

Q. I just found these fabulous Paige Denim jeans at Nordstrom Rack and bought them because they seriously fit like a dream! They are ivory—when is it OK to wear them? In my opinion, they look great with spring colored tops, a cute, fitted dark denim jacket and tan strappy sandals. But can I wear them in summer and fall? What’s the rule with off-white?
—Dreaming of Jeans

A. You’ve bought a pair of jeans you can wear all year just by changing the fabrication of your tops. In summer, pair your new jeans with tanks, camisoles, short sleeve tops and tees and add sandals. In fall and winter, pair them with darker hued sweaters, tops and fitted jackets and add boots.

Q. I have a wedding to go to in 2 weeks and I bought 2 dresses. One is white with black roses on it with a big black band under the bust. It’s a halter style. While it’s not all white, people are telling me that I shouldn’t wear it. The other is black (strapless) with small white flowers on it, I prefer the white one but I don’t want to upset the bride in any way.
-Dress Confusion

A. Don’t let your friends swoop down and eat away at your confident style. The dress you’ve described clearly is not a white dress, so feel free to wear the white and black patterned dress and dance the night away.

Q. My friend and I are having a disagreement about tights. She loves wearing dark opaque tights with dresses and skirts and is insecure about showing bare legs. She wants to continue wearing them in the spring and summer. I say tights are too heavy when the temps hit 80. What do you say?
-Heat Squeeze

Laundry by Shelli Segal 'Rachel' Slim ShortsA. Ding, ding, ding-you are correct! While your friend may have seen some photos in a magazine that encouraged her to continue wearing tights all year, she should know that many of those magazine editors don’t follow the style they show in the pages. Tights in the summer heat are just too, too hot. And talk about the sweat and uncomfortable factor. Knee length skirts and shorts will surely be more comfortable and still cover most of her legs when it gets hot. For an office gig or special event, if she still feels uncomfortable, she can pull on sheer hosiery.

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Q. I am going to Nashville for a wedding in mid-May.  Can I wear a white skirt to the rehearsal dinner even though it is before Memorial Day? 
-White Wonder

A. It will all depend on the temperature in Nashville at that time and the material of the skirt. No linen, and no too-thin cotton. If it’s warm and the rest of your outfit isn’t too “light” then you can probably pull it off.

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