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Q. I love the look of skinny jeans. How should I wear them—with what tops and shoes—so that I don’t look like I’m trying to be my teenage daughter? Or should I just skip this look entirely as I had already worn it in the ’80s?
-’80s Comeback

Gp380714-01P01V01A. I have been telling women for years to avoid tapered jeans. Unless you’re slender and have barely-there hips, you’ll only accentuate your hips, butt and thighs and will not look taller. That being said, there are ways to wear this season’s skinny jean in a flattering way. I bought skinny stretch cords and dark jeans for Fall to specifically wear with my mid-calf and knee-high boots. Skinny jeans allow you to slip on your boots over the pants without tucking in or folding. You suddenly look chic, not bunchy. Another way to wear the skinny jean is to pair it with a longer tunic style top or fitted short sheath (just covering your butt and hips) and wear a wide belt slung on the hips or at your waist.

For more jean tips, check out our latest Dream Jeans denim guide.

shown here, Gap Skinny Fit jeans, $58 at

Q. I was recently at a Premier Jewelry party and was very confused.  How do I know if I should be wearing gold or silver jewelry?  I have a good many silver pieces.  My boyfriend gave me a gold ring with a topaz stone, so now I only wear gold.  Can you mix the colors?  What about copper - can you wear it with gold?
-Color Quandry 

A. Don’t feel stymied by your jewelry choices.  Even though you’re wearing a gift of gold and topaz on your finger, you can still continue to wear silver.  If you wear gold on your finger or wrist you can wear silver around your neck and on your ears.  For example, I wear a silver watch, but still wear gold earrings and a beaded necklace with gold details.  Unless the earrings or necklace mix gold and silver, then I’d suggest you keep your ears and necklace in the same precious metals.  If you wear a gold ring I’d keep your other rings and bracelet on that hand in the gold tone as well. If you wear a silver watch on one hand, you can still wear a gold ring on the other. The bottom line is, it’s ok to mix metals as long as they are not visually close together.

Q. When is the season for cropped pants? What is the best way to wear the new summer short trend?
-Shorts Unsure 

V0416340339630 V1 M56577569831226572-1A. The stores are so flooded with cropped pants and shorts this season that it’s difficult to find a good pair of lightweight pants. Cropped pants have become a year round length for pants, but in order to wear them for each season you need to choose appropriate fabrics.  For summer, choose cropped pants in cotton, linen and denim and pair with flats, sandals, wedges and espadrilles.  For winter, choose cropped pants in wool blends and velvet and wear them with your knee-high boots.

As for shorts, inseam lengths matter. Unless you’re under 25, skip any inseam that isn’t 5 inches or longer - nobody needs to see butt cheek when you bend over or bend down!  Obviously, shorts worn with tees and tanks and cute kicks (sneakers) are meant for sporty activities.  If you’re looking for a stylish option, pair your shorts with a cuter top, add long beads and wear with sandals that have some kind of heel. For a “night out” wardrobe or even casual Friday at the office, pair your longer length shorts (they hit just below or at the knee) with a cute top, fitted jacket and sassy wedges or espadrilles to give you height. For a classic look, wear your shorts with a crisp, fitted button down shirt and roll up the sleeves, a belt with a bigger belt buckle and sandals.

BCBG Max Azria Diana Cuffed Shorts (shown here), $108 at

Q. Help!  I have a date Saturday night.  I want to wear wedge-style or strappy style dress shoes, but am insistent on wearing black nylons to go with my dress.  Is this okay?  I can’t find any closed-toe shoes that I like.  I would go with a lighter black nylon if necessary.  The dress is knee length and since I had weight loss surgery in January, my knees and thighs are a little droopy so I really want the support of the nylons.  Your prompt answer would be greatly appreciated.
-Nylon Know How   

A16DkhA. Hosiery with strappy sandals or full sandal style wedges is a no-no with sheer hosiery.  Sheer hose looks best with pumps, slingbacks,  D’Orsays or you can even get by with a peep toe pump.  Fashionistas wear tights in colder temps with some strappy styles, but it truly takes attitude to pull it off and the tights are usually a color, not black.  And look for black sheer hosiery that has some built in shaping like Donna Karan Sheer Satin Essential Toners ($16.50 at

Q. I have a pair of white unlined pants—should I cut all pockets out and have them sewn together?
-See Through 

19444 41405 H011006M-1A. After having models try on countless pairs from various designers in all price ranges for our recent Today show segment, we were surprised by how many designers make pants that are nearly see-through.  For pants with pockets that seem glaringly apparent, we do suggest taking them to a tailor to have the pockets cut out and the hole sewn closed.  This can create a sleeker, smoother look. 

Since transparent whites seem to be rampant among so many designers, make sure you also wear the right undergarments to avoid attracting any undue lingering attention - NEVER wear white, color or prints.  My favorite is the Barely There Flawless Fit in nude.  The bikini doesn’t ride up and is made of incredibly soft, thin fabric. The boy short version is also an excellent option for no VPL (visible panty lines).

$6.99 at

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