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Q. I have a few denim jackets that are several years old. Can I still wear them?

A. You’ll be thrilled to hear that your denim jackets have earned a permanent place in your closet. A true classic, denim jackets add the right dose of laid back cool to everything from feminine dresses and skirts to trousers. Just ask Nicole Richie, Reese Witherspoon and Cameron Diaz (below) — three celebrities that have perfected the art of layering on a denim jacket over the years. One caveat: make sure yours have a shrunken or fitted look to them, anything boxy or oversized tends to look unflattering.


Cameron’s look worn to the Bad Teacher photo call last week shows off a fresh way to wear the denim jacket this summer: with a jumpsuit. Worn shrunken with the sleeves rolled up and paired with turquoise and white, this look is so effortlessly chic we just couldn’t help but be inspired by it. However, if jumpsuits aren’t for you, here is an alternative:

Q. I have a few metallic handbags (a gold hobo and a silver clutch) but I’m not sure if they’re still in style. Can I wear them this summer?

A. Metallic accessories are always in style! Yes, some seasons they are considered a “trend” but they’ve also become a wardrobe staple over the past 10 years or so. As far as I’m concerned, you can never go wrong with a metallic sandal or a glittering handbag — they are the perfect neutral accessories to wear with almost anything in your wardrobe, day or night.

I especially love metallic accents in the summer; a flat gold sandal worn with shorts, a skirt or a day dress is pretty much my go-to summer look. A silver, bronze or gold handbag works year round, but I particularly love one paired with summery white, turquoise, yellow, and pink.

Here are a few metallic accessories you’ll want to wear for years to come:


Q. I am going to be the maid of honor at my sister’s wedding this summer and she has given me the freedom to choose my own dress. I found a really beautiful off-white dress but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to wear white or ivory to the wedding. What do you think?

A. It is typically a faux pas for anyone but the bride to wear white (or ivory) to a wedding, for fear of outshining the bride. At the royal wedding last week, Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa (below) wore an ivory dress and there has been a lot of buzz about whether she stole the spotlight from the princess. Though there’s typically no one more beautiful than a glowing bride, I’m of the opinion that she should be the only one in white at the wedding. Therefore, it’s probably best that you look for a different dress, even if your sister seem’s fine with your choice.


Q. Now that spring is here, can I wear sandals to work?

A. The rules vary from office to office, so it’s important to look to your coworkers, and more importantly, your boss, before deciding if sandals are appropriate for the office. In general, sandals are a big no-no in a corporate office, stylish sandals are typically ok for a casual or creative office, and flip flops and gladiator sandals are generally not appropriate. Here’s a breakdown of some of this season’s top shoe styles and whether they can be worn to work or not.

Peep Toe Pump

A peep toe pump is typically appropriate for all but the most corporate of offices. If you’re unsure if a peep toe is acceptable, then opt for a closed toe pump in a pretty spring-worthy color instead.

Slingback Pump

Slingbacks are making a comeback and offer the perfect compromise between a pump and a sandal, with no toe exposure. This style is appropriate for virtually every office.

Heeled Sandal

A tasteful heeled sandal that isn’t too sexy or strappy is appropriate for many offices, especially a casual or creative work place. We suggest looking to your superiors before opting for this type of shoe.

Wedge Sandal

A wedge sandal typically follows the same office rules as the heeled sandal, unless your wedge is an espadrille, raffia or cork wedge, then see below.

Espadrille or Cork Wedge

Espadrilles and cork wedges tend to have a breezy, summery look to them and are best left for casual offices only.

Flat Sandal

There are many types of flat sandals with varying degrees of acceptance at work. A simple elegant pair like the one shown here can be worn to a casual or creative office, while a very bare sandal or casual gladiator-type sandal is often too casual for work. Use your best judgment here, and if still unsure, save them for the weekend.

Flip Flops

Flip flops, or any other shoe you would wear to the beach, is never appropriate for work (unless you’re a lifeguard!)

And remember, if you do choose to wear sandals to work, be sure your toes are properly pedicured!

For more spring shoe ideas, check out 20 perfect work shoes.

Q. I just bought some white pants that I love. Can I wear them now, or do I have to wait until Memorial Day?

A. This is one of those old-fashioned style rules that refuses to die. No matter how many times people hear that it’s acceptable to wear white after Labor Day and before Memorial Day, they’re still uneasy about going against the rules. Trust us, though, you won’t be arrested by the fashion police for wearing white now, in fact, we encourage it!

Take a cue from the celebrities shown below; Amanda Seyfried’s skinny white jeans are fine with flip flops in sunny California but would look just as chic with a little bootie or ballet flat in New York where it’s still a little chilly. Elle Macpherson has the right idea by pairing her white blazer with dark denim and a scarf, perfect for warding off the pre-Memorial Day chill. And Fearne Cotton incorporates white into her look with a leather tote - in fact, take away her tights and add a sandal and she’s ready for spring.

The bottom line? As long as your whites are weather appropriate - that means no linen or gauzy cottons while the weather is still cool - then by all means, start incorporating white into your transitional spring wardrobe.

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