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Q. With leggings and skinny jeans in fashion, does that mean leggings and skinny tapered sweats are the “in” thing to wear to the gym?  Are flared sweat pants out?  Are leggings and huge t-shirts “in” for the gym, like they were in the 80s?
-Gettin’ Physical

Picture 1-5A. Please skip the huge t-shirts. It wasn’t flattering then and it certainly isn’t “in” now.  Stick to what flatters your body most when you hit the gym.  You want to be motivated, not disappointed. Wear tops that give you the right support when you’re moving, jumping, etc. and pants that have a bit of Lycra. Consider sticking with boot cut style which are usually flattering on most body types.  Remember, just because it’s a trend, doesn’t mean it’s right for every body.

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Q.  Along with at least half of the population I’ve headed back to the gym.  My workout tops just don’t seem to cover my midriff when I lift my arms to use the weight machines.  Any suggestions for longer, cute, not too pricey workout tops?   

-Afraid of overexposure

A.  The dreaded belly roll or pooch from too much holiday eating or a sabbatical from the gym can lead to sudden self defeat when your shirt rides up while working out. The best way to keep your determination, confidence and see results is to avoid the baggy t-shirt and find tops that have stretch (to help flatten the tummy while you workout), wick away moisture and are comfortable. Here are a few inspiring and stylish tops to keep you lifting:

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Under Armour Metal Sleeveless Tee
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Padidas1-2441847 Pattern W345A-1

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