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Q. I put together a black sequin blazer on a black chiffon dress that formed a glorious mixture. I wonder what accessories I can wear with such an outfit. I do know which bag and shoes that go along, but I can’t seem to figure out what necklace, earrings, and bracelet, etc., noting that I will be attending a cocktail party.


A. Since you’re wearing a dress with a jacket, consider skipping the necklace (which might compete with the sequins) and opt for dramatic earrings and a cocktail ring instead. The great news is that black provides you with limitless options! You can go simple with black, diamonds or pearls, or add some colored stones for drama. Here are some suggestions:

Q. I have a lot of turquoise jewelry that has accumulated over the years. Is it still in style?

A. Turquoise jewelry is one of those trends that seems to come in and out of fashion every few years. This happens to be one of those “in” seasons where chic turquoise pieces are everywhere. That being said, turquoise also happens to be a classic, so if you invest wisely in gorgeous items, you’ll want to wear them for years - even when it’s not the “must-have” of the season.

Here are some of our favorite turquoise picks to wear this summer and beyond:


Q. I’ve been considering piercing my ears for a while, but I’m worried that I’ll be allergic/get an infection/etc. I was just wondering if you had any thoughts on how much earrings contribute to an outfit or someone’s style. For example, I notice that with many of my fashion idols, like say Alexa Chung or the Olsen twins, or models in photoshoots, they usually don’t wear earrings. Is there a particular reason for this, or a general rule as to when/how one should wear earrings?

A. My ears have been pierced for so long that I’m always surprised when I meet someone whose aren’t pierced, but this is something chosen by many women for various reasons. Personally, I fall in and out of love with earrings. Often, I’ll wear no earrings or small studs, allowing a chunky necklace to take center stage. Other times, I’ll forego a bold necklace and opt for dramatic earrings instead. Similarly, earrings fall in and out of favor with the fashion world with chandelier earrings being called a must-have one season and statement necklaces the next.

Earrings are by no means a necessity, but they are a great way to add interest to a look and draw attention to your face. Angelina Jolie at the 2009 Oscars and Vanessa Williams at the 2009 Emmys are shining examples of how earrings can elevate and enhance your look.


I would never try to convince someone to get their ears pierced, and am no expert on instances of allergies or infections from piercing. I do know that millions of women (and some children) have had pierced ears for years without incident, so I would guess that it’s a relatively safe undertaking. If you’re unsure, clip-on earrings have come a long way and are the perfect way to give earrings a try:

Q. I am going to a wedding in a few weeks and I bought the cutest dress. I have great shoes to go with it, but cannot figure out what accessories to wear. I normally do not wear earrings, as my hair covers them, but would like ideas on a necklace or pin or something. HELP!

A. Cute dress! Simple, chic and timeless. The black and white palette is the perfect blank canvas for some gorgeous statement jewelry. We would opt for a short but dramatic necklace paired with a sparkly cuff bracelet or cocktail ring. Below are some chic choices under $100 - we chose a neutral color scheme, but you can also incorporate colorful baubles and gems if you like.


priscilladress.jpgQ. I will be wearing this dress as the Maid of Honor in my cousin’s Labor Day Weekend wedding. I will be wearing a pewter colored strappy high heeled sandal as well. I wanted to bring some color into the outfit with my jewelry. I figured a pair of ginormous costume earrings and bracelet would do. What color do you recommend?

A. Since your dress and shoes are both pewter, adding color to your look through jewelry is perfect. Focusing on your earrings and a bracelet and leaving your neck bare is a great look. Jewel tones like sapphire, amethyst, emerald and ruby would look gorgeous, as would icy colors like lavender and cool pinks. Keep the metals in the silver/pewter family instead of gold. Below are some pretty options for you:

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