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Q. I’ve never been a big jewelry wearer, but I realize how much it can pull together an outfit. My style is really classic and casual, and I’d love to find a very delicate, simple gold necklace with a small charm that I can wear with (almost) anything. I don’t have a whole lot to spend, but I want something nice. Any ideas? 

A. Well, gold doesn’t come cheap and if you want to wear it with most everything in your wardrobe, it’s worth it to invest in a great necklace that will last you “forever” rather than something that will fade and turn another color. There are plenty of choices that don’t cost your paycheck. Look for a gold chain with a pendant or charm that is delicate and feminine alone on it’s own, but also think of it as a layering piece that you can wear with another gold necklace of another length. I found several lovely choices for you:

Gorjana Three Petal NecklaceNordstrom 14k Gold Pendant NecklaceTiffini Dooris Luna NecklaceGiles & Brother Small Sparrow Necklace
Gold Vermeil Small Lotus Disc Pendant NecklaceJulie Sandlau 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Clear Crystal Locket and Leaf Charm NecklaceGold Vermeil Coral Branch Necklace on Double Chain

left to right: Gorjana Three Petal Necklace, $95 at; Nordstrom 14k Gold Pendant Necklace, $98 at; Tiffini Dooris Luna Necklace, $180 at; Giles & Brother Small Sparrow Necklace, $200 at; Catherine Weitzman 18k Gold Vermeil Small Lotus Disc Pendant Necklace, $88 at; Julie Sandlau 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Clear Crystal Locket and Leaf Charm Necklace, $180 at; Pade Vavra 22KT Gold Vermeil Coral Branch Necklace on Double Chain, $99 at

Q. I have purchased a dress for my son’s wedding. I vowed I wouldn’t wear beige, because it washes me out. I basically did though. The color is called light cafe and is strapless. What color jewelry would you recommend?
-Beige Begone

A. Here’s a few questions to answer before I can help. Why did you succumb to a color that you clearly know washes you out? Are you trying to blend into the background rather than shine with the rest of the party? Were you shopping alone or did you have “help” from a friend? Can you return it? IF you fell in love with the dress and had to have it, then we have options. Realize that this is your son’s wedding, so you should adore the dress and feel confident in it all day. Look for jewels that have shine, sparkle or color. Dangly earrings with a bracelet and cocktail ring or stunning earrings with a necklace that hits around the collarbone are the best fits for a strapless. Gold tones with diamonds, real or faux, will give off shine. If you need color, then think amber and soft tones of pink, blue or green. Here are some suggestions:

50 Carat Green Garnet Briolette 14K Gold NecklaceAriella Collection Oversize Cushion Cut Ring301-E95-Y-1Mother of Pearl Necklace

left to right: 50 Carat Green Garnet Briolette 14K Gold Necklace, $250 at; Ariella Collection Oversize Cushion Cut Ring, $78 at; Yellow Sapphire Diamond Earrings, $182 at; Mother of Pearl Necklace, $190 at

Earrings In or Out

Q. I know that chandelier earrings are out, but what should I be wearing for a fun going-out earring now? And are large necklaces still in? I have a few that are the big chain style from last season. Can I still wear them? What earrings do I pair with them? 
- Ear Wear

A. Yes, go ahead and wear your chain style necklace, I still wear mine.  Just go simple on the earrings, like little drop earrings in gold or silver or a thin hoop. As for your chandelier earrings, keep them since fashion is cyclical and everything always comes back in style. If you want more “pop” on your ears, check these out:

Hpd02Gd-200X200 B7-200X200 Kp Frangipani Earrings

left to right: Julie Sandlau Amethyst Cluster Oblong Hoop Earrings ($194) at, Calico Juno Bohemian Earring #7 ($84.99) at, Kipepeo Jewelry Frangipani Earrings ($64) at

Q. I was recently at a Premier Jewelry party and was very confused.  How do I know if I should be wearing gold or silver jewelry?  I have a good many silver pieces.  My boyfriend gave me a gold ring with a topaz stone, so now I only wear gold.  Can you mix the colors?  What about copper - can you wear it with gold?
-Color Quandry 

A. Don’t feel stymied by your jewelry choices.  Even though you’re wearing a gift of gold and topaz on your finger, you can still continue to wear silver.  If you wear gold on your finger or wrist you can wear silver around your neck and on your ears.  For example, I wear a silver watch, but still wear gold earrings and a beaded necklace with gold details.  Unless the earrings or necklace mix gold and silver, then I’d suggest you keep your ears and necklace in the same precious metals.  If you wear a gold ring I’d keep your other rings and bracelet on that hand in the gold tone as well. If you wear a silver watch on one hand, you can still wear a gold ring on the other. The bottom line is, it’s ok to mix metals as long as they are not visually close together.

Q. My cousin (who is like my sister because I’m the only child) is finally turning 21 this July.  I want to get her something that’s stylish, fun, hip, but will also be cherished for the rest of her life.  I fell for a charm bracelet from Juicy Couture, but they‘re completely sold out.  Any ideas?
-A Charmed Search

A. Since you seem to like the charm bracelet idea I searched for worthy replacements and I think even better options for your gift giving dilemma. I wanted to offer up choices of items that weren’t merely trendy, but also within the same price range that could be worn for countless years. 

Br Bangle Bali ThFrom, you can send photos of you and your “sister” cousin and she will custom make a set of charm bracelets.



Twoclover will custom make a bracelet or necklace made with vintage charms chosen especially for the wearer. offers bracelets with various affirmation charms in the shape of circles or hearts. Choose phrases that are personal to your relationship with your cousin.




401-B32-MopThis mother of pearl bracelet from has the look of a charm bracelet with five mother of pearl petals.

D0467640352928 V1 M56577569831200250Julie Sandlau’s charm bracelet features a trio of delicate charms at

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