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Q. Do you have any suggestions of stores and styles to try for a 5 foot, size 0, pregnant gal? I am about to enter the 6th month of my pregnancy and now that I am truly showing (and 3 cup sizes larger) I can no longer get away with my pre-pregnancy clothes. It was always hard to find styles that were proportioned to my small build but add in a baby belly and it seems impossible. A lot of maternity clothes are cut like tents, which make me look as wide as I am tall. Also, I don’t want to break the bank for clothes that are only going to be useful to me for another 3 to 4 months. Any suggestions as to how I can live out these last months in a more Angelina than Britney fashion?
-Pleasantly Preggers

A. There are countless women who will read your question and think, “If only I could have your worries of being a size 0 and trying to find maternity clothes!”  Since affordable and stylish maternity clothes are difficult for every size, I’ve pulled a list together that will fit into every pregnant woman’s wardrobe worries, from tops and pants to skirts and dresses. Check out sites like,, nicolematernity,, (for Liz Lange) and Always check the sales and clearance sections of the maternity websites for great deals. Also, you can get the most out of pre-pregnancy and early pregnancy clothes using Belly Bands, a great maternity accessory we recently featured.

22C392062hug-a-boo rib kimono top,
$70 at

30504A-1trixies tube,
$66 at

20115 Mid RPerfect Cropped Poplin Pant,
$78 at

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