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Q. I recently purchased this vintage-inspired dress for a black tie wedding. I’m looking to accessorize it with shoes and a bag. I want a vintage-inspired look without looking like I’m attending a theme party. Can you help me out? P.S. I’ll be wearing the dress without the straps.

A. What a gorgeous little black dress - and such a great price! Though it is vintage-inspired, you can wear it so many different ways, including modern, it’s a great addition to your wardrobe that you’ll likely wear for years to come.

Below are some shoe and bag suggestions with the vintage feel that you’re looking for. For jewelry, you might want to consider strands of pearls or a chunky large-bead short necklace. A brooch is also an option that you can wear at your hip or above your heart. 

Q. I recently bought a white twill blazer from Old Navy and would like some casual ideas on what to pair it with. I live in Florida and don’t have to wait til it warms up to start wearing it. Seems like it should be a no brainer and would work with just about everything but you always offer great ideas that I would never think of!

A. A white blazer is a great wardrobe addition this season, and yours from Old Navy is not only versatile, but affordable too! I applaud your decision to start wearing your blazer now - that old rule about not wearing white before Memorial Day is so outdated. To wear your white blazer casually, think of it almost as a replacement for a jean jacket, wearing it with day dresses, cargo pants, jeans, skirts, etc. Here are a few outfit ideas for you:

1. pair your blazer over a casual dress and wear with wedge sandals
2. wear casually over cargo pants and a ribbed tank, worn with flat sandals
3. layer over a printed blouse (it’s ok if the jacket is shorter than the blouse) worn with skinny jeans and heels
4. wear with a tee shirt, lightweight scarf, boyfriend jeans and ballet flats

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51120081344343477300DBN_multi.jpgQ. So I FINALLY bought the Frye Harness boots I’ve been lusting over for years. (squeal!) They look fantastic with my straight cut faded black jeans that ruche up around the ankles, but they seem a bit - excuse the western pun - horsey with a looser bootcut or flare. How do I avoid the I’m-going-out-to-the-biker-bar-in-mom-jeans look and lean a bit more towards the artsy hipster side of things?

A. Loove, these boots, they are a great investment that you’ll wear for years with a rugged look that only improves with age. The great thing about these boots is that they do have a masculine feel, making them perfect for toughening up feminine pieces like a floral dress or skirt.

You’re on the right track wearing your skinny jeans tucked into the boots, however your bootcut or flare jeans worn over the boot is an option also. If you’re concerned about looking too tough or “biker-ish”, then wear something ultra feminine on top to balance the rugged boot. A belted fitted jacket or cardigan or a pretty ruffled blouse are great options. Even something simple like a tank top and draped scarf is an option.

170251_6613.jpgQ. I just bought a pair of lovely leather gray boots. I know it is a neutral color, but I am surprisingly having a difficult time matching it with other colors. Does it work with black leggings? Would it look to harsh with dark indigo jeans? A bright colored top or neutral color? Ahhh, help me!

A. You’re right, it’s a neutral, so you can wear it with just about anything. Your black leggings and dark indigo jeans would look fabulous, as would a lighter jean, cranberry tights, purple dress, red top, pale pink sweater, etc. In other words, wear them with dark colors, bright colors, pale colors - anything!

Q. Just wondered what to wear to a super bowl party?

A. Sunday afternoon, chicken wings and nachos, football… such a gathering calls for casual, cute clothes. Whatever you wear, make sure it’s comfortable - there’s a good chance you could be sitting on the floor to watch the game if seating is limited. Our suggestion: sweater and jeans with a pair of boots, or a tunic sweater, skinny jeans or leggings and ballet flats. Here are two looks to guide you:

irissinger_2040_257329106.gif irissinger_2040_257749825.gif

B. Chyll Rachel Cashmere Short Sleeve Sweater in Rum Raisin and B Chyll Joy Cashmere Open Sweater at

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