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Q. I have been invited to a wedding in which the attire is listed as “formal resort wear”. I have no idea what this means. This is a winter wedding in a cold weather climate. Please help me.

A. I’m having trouble figuring out why a bride chose “formal resort wear” for a cold weather wedding - a wedding in the tropics, I understand. Bride’s prerogative, I guess!

Resort clothes are typically vibrant, playful and cheerful; made of lightweight fabrics intended for a winter getaway to a warm climate. Formal resort wear is usually a little less dressy than typical black tie or formal wear. My guess is that the bride wants you to wear pretty dressy dresses that are fun, festive and bright. Pair yours with pretty metallic sandals and playful jewelry and you should be set.

Since it will be chilly out, wear your usual dressy coat and take it off as soon as you get inside. Have fun, and pretend you’re on a tropical cruise somewhere!

Below are a few dresses suitable for a formal resort affair:

Q. I have an unusual situation (or maybe its more common than I think) - I’m eloping in Vegas but I will also be having a classy Cape Cod wedding in a year or two. So I will be wearing the whole “real” dress then. What I want to wear for the silly Chapel on the Strip thing is something fun, white and “Vegas”. Any ideas? I was thinking short, sequined, help!!! I’m 5’4” petite 135, size 4-6.

A. Congrats on your upcoming elopement! Vegas weddings are meant to be fun and yes, just a little bit cheesy. Feel free to have fun with your Vegas dress, but make sure it’s tasteful enough that you won’t be embarrassed to look back at the photos 5, 10, 20 years from now. A white cocktail dress with or without sequins is perfect.

Here are a few suggestions we found for you in a variety of price ranges. Have fun and say hi to Elvis for us!

Q. I just want to say that your site is awsome! I was having a fashion crisis because I have this party to go to next week. I have this great pair of red heels and a flowy white skirt. Unfortunately, I have no idea what to wear on top. I really hope you could help me out on this for I have to impress a whole bunch of family and friends that I haven’t seen in years!

A. Thanks! We’re assuming that your white skirt is appropriate for the winter and not a lightweight remnant of your summer wardrobe. If so, we suggest pairing your skirt and red shoes with a pretty black sweater, skinny red belt and add an evening clutch to finish off the look. Now you’re dressed to impress! (click on each item for purchasing info)

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