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Q. I need HELP! So, I just purchased this fabulous boat neck silk dress from J Crew. It’s the Python Print Silk Dress. Now, some may think I’m crazy for such a wild print, but I’m a redhead so the color of the dress is a find in itself! I was wondering what color shoes would work? I’m hoping to carry these mystery shoes into early fall for a rehearsal dinner as well. I plan ahead. I’m an event planner, its what I do!
- Pythons Need Shoes Too


A. I, too, am a planner and rarely buy shoes that won’t work with other outfits or for other occasions. I’m sure you’ll look quite sassy and stylish in the python print dress and I’ve found multiple heels that will work now and in the early fall for dressy events and even meetings with clients.


Dress: Python-print silk twill dress, $79.99 (sale) at

1. Lucie d’Orsay high heels, $168 at
2. Pura Lopez ‘M503’ Pump, $270 at
3. Boutique 9 Shiala, $130 at

4. Linea Paolo ‘Brooklyn’ Peep Toe Pump, $129.95 at
5. Elie Tahari “Crystal” Ankle Strap Sandal, $276.50 (sale) at
6. Pair it with opaque tights in later fall with these for a casual look: MICHAEL Michael Kors Devon Open Toe, $128.70 (sale) at

Q. How would you recommend I accessorize this Banana Republic dress? It’s obviously Navy inspired but I don’t want it to look like a costume or a tennis outfit. What color/size bag should I carry with it? I’m unable to wear heels due to a recent foot surgery, so are ballet flats my best bet or would a cute pair of tennis shoes be too much?
- Shoe Troubled


A. What you wear - whether it be ballet flats, low-heeled sandals or cute kicks - should all depend on what activity you plan to do and with whom you’ll be with. For running around comfort choose cute “kicks” not meant for the gym and for days when you want to wear the dress for nicer occasions then pair it with ballet flats or sandals. As for a bag, that too depends on what your needs are for the day, but I would lean towards medium size to carry your daily essentials.


1. Juicy Couture Roslin, $129 at
2. Bettye Muller Frame, $220 (sale) at
3. Naturalizer Gersen, $51 at
4. Steve Madden Synapse, $77 at

Q. I just bought a really cute dress from Anthropologie to wear to a wedding reception. The reception isn’t overly formal, sort of a hip party. It’s a halter style dress, smoky grey on the top, rust and cream mild graphic print from the bust down and a rust color tie around the waist. I’m struggling a bit with what shoes & accessories to wear. I’ve tried a few orange shoes, but they are too florescent orange for the dress. I ordered some grey peep toe pumps, but haven’t received them yet. I also thought about gold or pewter. What are your thoughts on shoe colors and a purse?
- Dress it Up

A. I adore the idea of brightening the dress look head to toe by daring to wear orange/rust heels. Although I don’t know the actual color of the belt, I found a few colors that may work. If your search is fruitless, the best next choice would be a grey heel and I’m digging some of the patent styles from this season.


1. Jessica Simpson Jinkx, $93 at
2. rsvp Mardi, $65 at
3. Nine West Glasshouse 2, $83 at
4. BCBGirls Constance, $114 at
5. Martinez Valero ‘Camila’ Sandal, $126.95 at

Q. I have a wool and polyester pair of solid color medium grey pants from Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten clothing line and I wanted to know if I can wear a khaki blazer with the pants. The blazer is fitted and it’s short but not short like a bolero jacket and the material is cotton twill. And what other colors and materials can I wear with these grey pants? I have a pair of black pants and seem to have no trouble matching those with colors! I also should say that I will be wearing the pants while working in an office whose dress code is business casual.
- Grey Color Blind

A. Think of grey as a neutral that can be paired with almost any color. As long as the blazer is thicker cotton twill you should be fine wearing it with your grey pants to the office. Going forward pair your grey pants with lavender, purple, greens, a variety of blues from teal to turquoise, even red and pastels as well as hot pinks will work. It’s just a matter of deciding which of those colors look most flattering with your skin tone.

Q. I bought this dress to wear to my bridal shower being held this summer. The dress comes to just above my knee (in the picture it is shorter). What shoes can I wear with this dress?
- Shoe Need


A. Since it’s your bridal shower, it’s not necessarily an event to sport stilettos. Your dress is sweet, but not overly dressy. I’d suggest a mid height metallic heel or wear a bright spring color like a yellow sandal.


The Dress: Evan Picone Pleated Dot-Print Dress, $99 at

1. Lumiani Fawn, $170 at
2. Twyla midheels, $175 at
3. BCBGirls Albania, $89 at

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