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Q. I’m attending two weddings this summer. I bought two cocktail length Ann Taylor strapless dresses, one light green with a light flower pattern and one navy blue. I’m planning on wearing black peep toe satin high heels. My problem now is that I don’t know what I can wear to cover my shoulders in church and when it gets a bit cold in the evening. I was thinking about a Pashmina but my friend said the fabric of the Pashmina is too rough with the satin of the dresses. My question now is what should I get to wear with the dresses? I would like to get something I can wear with both dresses and that isn’t too pricy. Also what color of purse should I look for?
- Cover Up for Weddings

A. We girls at StyleBakery are big fans of Love Quotes scarves in a mix of linen and viscose which is soft and light weight enough to wear with satin. They come in countless colors so you can choose to wrap yourself in a neutral color or add a punch of color to add the happiness of the occasion. As for a clutch to pair with your dresses look for a pale gold metallic or a neutral beige/cream.

Love Quotes Italian Linen Scarf, $85 at

Q. I have a friend who is getting married in June. Instead of a rehearsal dinner, he and his finance are having a cocktail party at a chic, contemporary Manhattan restaurant/bar. I was hoping you could provide suggestions on appropriate attire. I am petite, about 5’2” with an average to small build.
- Contemporary Look

A. A cocktail party calls for fun, flirty, feminine attire. I suggest a dress that is mini or knee length for your petite figure or a camisole style top with a little jacket and a pencil skirt. Add heels that are either strappy or peep toe.

Q. I just got the cutest pair of black skinny jeans and I finally feel confident enough to pull them off - what should I pair with them? I need help making them acceptable for casual Fridays at work and for Saturday nights out!
- Cute and Skinny

A. You have multiple options for both occasions. For work, think stylish, but slightly conservative. Add a fitted blazer style jacket with colorful top underneath and for evenings it’s anything goes from fitted tops with a wide belt at the waist or hip skimming blouson tops to create a “leggings” look with your jeans. I found several options for both days.

91295_WB4058_m_SU08.jpg 93404_WB5455_m_SU08.jpg


1. Python-print Lucia jacket, $168 at
2. Metallic jacquard jacket, $268 at

3. Whisper lamé Zoey tank, $88 at
4. Amanda Uprichard Tuxedo Ruffle Top in Purple, $172 at
Swap out the tie belt and add a wide belt:
5. French Connection Tunic with Belt , $98 at
6. Truly Madly Deeply Printed Babydoll, $28 at

Q. I love shoes but since I’m still in school, I have a tight budget. I was ecstatic when I bought these affordable olive wooden wedges from Target! Even though I love them to death, I have no idea what to pair them with. Would they look better with pants or a dress? What about with tights?
- Wear With What?


A. Your new stylish, budget bought wedges will work with skirts, dresses, slim cropped pants and even cuffed shorts. But no tights; these wedges are a warm weather sandal with too many open areas to pull off tights.

Q. I’m a stay-at-home mom of 2 little boys. I recently bought myself a nice pair of brown pinstripe pants on a splurge. They are the only nice pants I own that fit me. The last three “dressy” occasions I attended, my sister-in-law was in the mix of people. Is it terrible if I wear the same pants each time? Should I just tell her the situation? I typically spend my days in jeans. Over the last four years I have fluctuated between maternity clothes, post baby sizes (starting at 10) all the way to my current size 2. We’re planning on having another baby soon, so I don’t want to invest in too many “nice” clothes that I will rarely get to wear. Any ideas to mix it up?
- Same Pair

A. Don’t fret over wearing the same nice pants to several parties; men do it all the time with suits to the office. The best way to mix it up is to always wear a different top when seeing the same guests and choose eye-catching jewelry to additionally distract friends, particularly your sister-in-law. You don’t have to worry about size with jewelry so you can be a two or a ten and still wear a cool necklace.


1. Diane von Furstenberg Austral Halter Top, $185 at
2. TOMMY HILFIGER Paisley Pleated Top, $59.50 at
3. Beach necklace, $64 at
4. Bubble necklace, $150 at
5. Subversive® for Target® Cameo Multi-Row Necklace, $59.99 at

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