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Q. I’m going to my boyfriend’s for Thanksgiving and it’s the first time I’m meeting his family. He says dinner is casual, but I want to look good. What should I wear?

A. For a family Thanksgiving or holiday dinner with his parents, you want a look that is stylish without being too fussy, casual but still neat, relaxed yet polished. You can’t go wrong with a variation on one of these looks:

1. A cozy chic sweater paired with great-fitting jeans and pumps or boots. To update this classic combination for this season, look for sweaters that have a little something special, whether it be a polka dot print, a metallic sheen or chunky knit. Your jeans can be velvet, brocade or even colored denim for an upgrade on your basic blue denim.

2. Another no-fail look is a pretty blouse paired with skinny pants and heels. This season, we’re loving jeweled collars and pretty prints on silky tops.


Q. I live in Atlanta, Georgia and I will be attending a lunch wedding on October 27 at 12:30 pm. The weather can be unpredictable at this time of the year. For example today it will by 86 degrees and Sunday, it will be 68 degrees. I am struggling as to what is acceptable attire for this wedding. It is formal, but given it is in the middle of the day I am guessing the dress will be much less formal. I am thinking a sheath dress with pumps will be appropriate, could you please give me some ideas?

A. If the wedding is formal, a cocktail dress is appropriate, even for a day wedding. A sheath dress might be a bit underdressed. I suggest opting for a sleeveless cocktail dress and bare legs which should be comfortable whether it’s 68 or 86 degrees. You can always bring a little wrap or a lightweight tuxedo jacket to layer over the dress if it’s extra chilly.

Here are a few dresses that would be great for a fall wedding.


Q. I just scored tickets to the Tracy Reese’s fashion show during New York Fashion Week. I am coming from Nebraska and have no idea what to wear. Can you please suggest a chic ensemble that would fit in at Fashion Week?

A. Lucky you! You’ll have a lot of fun attending the show, amongst everything else to do while you’re in NY. The key to dressing for Fashion Week is to look chic without looking like you’re trying to hard. Early September is still pretty warm in New York, so a shift dress or pencil skirt worn with bare legs and pumps would be perfect. If you’re not a dress/skirt kind of girl, opt for colored skinny pants or the new tuxedo pant and a lightweight top worn with smoking slippers or pumps. Add a stylish bag and one piece of statement jewelry (necklace or bracelet perhaps) and you’re ready to hit the shows in style. (P.S. If you are planning to attend more than one show or do a lot of walking, it’s best to forego heels and opt for a stylish flat instead — there’s nothing chic about blisters!)


Q. I bought this pretty ombre crochet dress from Topshop and I love it! The only problem is, it’s completely unlined and has large crochet holes. What should I wear under it?

A. Crochet is a big trend this season. Luckily, many pieces do come with a lining, but for those that don’t, your best bet is to wear something opaque underneath. In the case of this dress, A full slip that hits mid-thigh is your best bet, allowing your bare legs to show through the lower part of the dress. Look for a white slip, rather than nude, to avoid looking “naked” underneath the crochet. Also, avoid slips with lace trim or other details as you don’t want to compete with the crochet. Here are some options for you:


Q. Help! I’m going to a wedding (2 weekends from now ) in NYC and am having trouble finding shoes. Seems like there are wedges everywhere, but I need dressy black heels. One place suggested a wedge, but for a wedding? Any suggestions would be great.

A. I love a good wedge, but it’s not my favorite choice for a dressy affair. I agree that a sexy black heel is your better option for a NYC wedding. Here are some dressy black heels for you to choose from:

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