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Q. With leggings and skinny jeans in fashion, does that mean leggings and skinny tapered sweats are the “in” thing to wear to the gym?  Are flared sweat pants out?  Are leggings and huge t-shirts “in” for the gym, like they were in the 80s?
-Gettin’ Physical

Picture 1-5A. Please skip the huge t-shirts. It wasn’t flattering then and it certainly isn’t “in” now.  Stick to what flatters your body most when you hit the gym.  You want to be motivated, not disappointed. Wear tops that give you the right support when you’re moving, jumping, etc. and pants that have a bit of Lycra. Consider sticking with boot cut style which are usually flattering on most body types.  Remember, just because it’s a trend, doesn’t mean it’s right for every body.

check out for a great variety of workout gear for women like the Scout Performance Color Blocked Bootleg shown here, $72

Vegas Nuptials

Untitled1-2Q. I am getting married in Vegas at the end of October and I have this beautiful white cocktail dress that I am wearing (I bought it but never had a chance to wear it), but I can’t seem to find a decent shoe to go with the dress.  The dress is a BCBG white low cut, above-the-knee dress.   Do you have any ideas? 

- Wedding Bells

A. For a wedding in Vegas you definitely need to add some shine and glitz to what you wear on your feet:


Touch Ups Gemini
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Nina ‘Mabel’ Sandal
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Nina ‘Barbra’ Sandal
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Q. This is my daughter’s first homecoming and I have a few questions for you:

1. What type/color shoe should she wear.  Her dress is lime green with sequins of blue green and a deep pink color all over it.   Any suggestions?

2. Her date is 6’ 1“ so should she keep the shoes higher?

3. As for her date, would black be just about the only color of suit/tux he could go with and would it be perfectly acceptable for him to wear a matching lime green tie?  Also, what color shirt can he go with that would be different, considering he is wearing a lime green tie. I am new at this and want it to be extra special for them.

-Helpful Mom


A. What a helpful Mom you are!  Here are my suggestions:

1. Her shoes can be a metallic blue or green, or a great pink to match the sequins, since finding lime green will be just about impossible and would be overkill with the color of the dress. If you can’t find one of those colors, then consider a gold metallic stappy heel.

2.  She should wear high heels to be closer in height to her date, but not so high that she’s sacrificing comfort and teetering so high she may fall.

3.  A black suit/tux is always classic - and let’s skip wearing a lime green tie since it is probably not his cup of tea.  He can wear a great colored tie that matches one of the sequin colors, like blue. Or traditional black tie always works and it is not necessary that his tie match her colors.

Q. Help! I’m getting married in a tea length ivory dress (strapless and a-line skirt) and don’t know what shoes to wear with it. I was thinking of a metallic so I don’t have to match the ivory color, but what style?
-Shoe Unsure

A. While the actual wedding day is always joyous, wedding planning can be stressful. And matching colors can be a nightmare and a waste of precious shopping hours. A surefire successful choice is to choose metallic. It can be an ivory or off-white sandal with gold or pearls or all-over metallic in a strappy heel. You’ll look gorgeous - and surprise, surprise you’ll surely wear the heels again.

Here are two big day-worthy options, one closed toe and one strappy sandal:

Caparros Be-Bop
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Nina Aney-GS
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EdressmeQ. I have an engagement party to attend (my boyfriend’s cousin) on July 29th.  The event is at 6p.m. at a winery/vineyard and I have no idea what to wear.  Any suggestions?   

A. A dress, a dress, a dress—something summery, not overdone.  A pretty sundress will do with strappy heeled sandals.  Engagement parties are not the wedding, so no need to overdo it. Just look pretty and toast the engaged couple.

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