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Q. I am taking my husband to the VA Symphony for his birthday. What would be appropriate to wear for both of us?
-Wear to Where

A. When it comes to events like the Symphony, Opera, Ballet and Theater, I recommend that people dress well for the occasion.  It’s not often that you spend much more than the cost of a movie ticket for a night out with your husband, so it’s a chance to dress up rather than wear your favorite jeans.  And what girl doesn’t like to receive compliments for looking pretty? For your husband, a sport jacket, button down shirt, tie, nice pants and well-shined shoes will be appropriate. For you, wear a dress or a skirt with details like beading and a cashmere sweater or even a velvet suit.  There are always options for a ladylike, chic look and sometimes it can just mean adding a printed scarf or long earrings to a simple solid colored dress.  And wear great heels! 

Q. I have homecoming in a couple weeks and I bought a chocolate brown dress with gold sparkles and I was wondering what color heels I should wear?
-Color Curious

A. Simple answer - gold. Metallic will always dazzle ‘em.  Trying to find the right hued brown heels can lead to a frustrating and endless search. Look fab in gold and wear gold dangling earrings or carry a small gold clutch.  You can find plenty of inexpensive styles these days:

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Q. My daughter and I are traveling to New York in mid-November.  I just wanted to know if it is already cold enough to bring a coat, hat, gloves, etc. and is wearing mostly black still ok?
—Clueless in California

A. Definitely pack your coat, hat and gloves.  It always seems to turn into jacket/coat weather by Oct. 30th.  You may be able to leave the hat in the hotel, but it’s always good to be prepared.  And if you hadn’t heard, black is back this season and in New York black is NEVER out of style.   Black is chic, simple, hides a myriad of flaws and easily disguises your tourist status.

Q. I have a navy pinstripe pants suit and a navy skirt suit.  Navy shoes are hard to find right now!  Is it okay to wear black with navy?  I thought I read somewhere a while ago that this is okay.
-Navy or Not

A. Wearing black with navy is usually the best option since trying to match the right hue of navy clothes with navy shoes can be exasperating.  Also consider colors like olive green or burgundy to give the outfit more stylish sophistication.

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V0488299821597 V1 M56577569
Q. HELP! I am supposed to go to my fiance’s 10 year high school reunion in early October. The catch - it’s a football game followed by all day hanging out/drinking. I obviously want to look cute (ie. - not sloppy) but also want to be appropriately dressed for a football game (ie. - not over dressed). The reunion is in early October, so flip-flops will be an option. Suggestions???

-Game Day

157844-2A. Unless you’ll be in a warm weather locale then I’d skip the flip flops, but if the thermometer outside is still hovering above 80 degrees then go ahead and wear stylish flip flops (not your favorite well-worn pair of Old Navy’s.) Fall football games always make me think of argyle, nubby fabrics and a scarf wrapped around my neck. For game camaraderie and comfort, go for dark jeans, cute slip-on flats, a chunky cardigan sweater with a button down shirt or tee underneath and a simple fitted jacket for when it turns cooler at night. If the jacket is too much for the temps outside, maybe a scarf and a cute tweed topper or driving hat is your stylish standout. Find out the team colors and find a scarf with those colors - guaranteed compliments. You may even find a “university” style sweater that fits into the theme of the day. I have a favorite from Tory Burch that always makes me feels nostalgic when I put it on. At left: Vince Cable-Knit Alpaca Wrap, $275 at; At right: 525 America Pocket Cardigan, $88 at

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