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Q. I am going to a wedding with my boyfriend on Sunday, September 18th.  The ceremony is at noon and the meal will be served at the reception at 1:30 sharp.  The couple are friends of my boyfriend, attended Purdue University and were both part of the Greek system.  The bride’s family has a lot of money, so it will be a very nice wedding.  As a guest, what should I wear???  I found a Jessica McClintock brown satin dress that is trimmed with an ivory ribbon and has the ivory ribbon also criss-crossing down the right side of the dress.  It falls at the knee.  I love the dress, just can’t decide if it is appropriate for the occasion. 
-Best Dress

A. The best way to decide what to wear is the dress code that is usually stated on the invite—did it say black tie? From the description of your dress it seems that you found THE DRESS to wear to the wedding.  And even better, if you love it, then wear it.  Clothes always look better when the wearer loves them and feels great in them.  It’s all about the attitude!

Q. I have a Bat Mitzvah to go to on September 3rd. The services are in the morning with the party to follow. The party will be at the temple also. What do I wear to this? I never went to an afternoon affair. I don’t want to be underdressed but I don’t want to overdress either. I have a black skirt with sequins and was wondering if I could wear this with a tank or tee shirt and strappy sandals and a funky necklace or would a skirt with sequins be too much for a daytime affair?
-Afternoon Affair

A. A skirt with sequins is fine as long as the top is toned down. Since the entire affair takes place at the temple, be sure you are respectful and have some kind of wrap or a little jacket or cardigan to cover your shoulders during the religious services. If it is an orthodox affair, your skirt should be long and skip the tank. Sequins on your skirt are ok provided you don’t look like a Vegas showgirl! Otherwise, you have the right idea for afternoon affair, funky necklace and all.

Q. I have a high profile military funeral in August in DC to attend and I (thankfully) haven’t been to a funeral in many years. I want to be comfortable in the heat, but dressed appropriately and look sophisticated and fashionable all at the same time. All I can find these days are party/sun dresses. What is appropriate as far as color and length/style and where would I find such an outfit?
-At a loss…

A. It’s still always best to wear black to a funeral, and it doesn’t have to be a dress. If you wear a black dress, be sure your shoulders/arms aren’t exposed (out of respect you should be covered in any house of religion). Be sure the dress doesn’t look like it fits in better at a cocktail party. If not a stylish, slightly conservative dress, then opt for a simple skirt and top or even a neutral or dark suit. Just stick to colors that are neutral like black, brown, cream, or navy. You can add accessories, a colorful top and heels to complete the look.

Q. I am an 18-year-old heading off to college in a month. I will be going to a school where the dress code is jeans, flip-flops or tennis shoes, and a shirt with the university name or logo on it. I would like to look a little more classy than that. What should I wear to look casual, fashionable, and comfortable in the dorms, going out, and to class?
-Casual with Class

A. Does the college actually have that “dress code” written in school literature? I assume that you are going to a college in a warm weather state, perhaps Florida or California? Think of college as your first steps towards defining your own style. You may go through multiple looks from freshman year to graduation, just like some students change majors. But this is the best time to experiment: be girly with sundresses while the weather is still warm and add gold or silver flip flops; be bohemian with a tiered skirt in ombre, a bold color or a fun print and add a tank and long strands of beads; embrace denim with dark jeans or a mini or wear colorful cords and add cowboy boots and a fitted blazer. College was the time when I also had fun discovering vintage clothing on my limited budget. Enjoy!

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